The Strength tarot card can represent persistence and achievement

Published Date 9/22/2012
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The Strength tarot card can represent persistence and achievement

If you have a friend who has recently decided to try a tarot reading, you might want to help her become familiar with the meaning of each of the cards. Understanding the cards can make it easier to gain more information from the reading.

One card that you might want to explain to your friend is Strength. On this card, you will see an image of a woman gently petting a lion, which symbolizes strength. There are both positive and negative meanings that can be associated with Strength.

When it appears right-side up during your friend's reading, she will learn that this represents her stamina and persistence while speaking to her psychic. Strength can show that the individual receiving the reading has the power to overcome tough obstacles in life.

If Strength appears upside down during the reading, it may be an indicator that your friend needs to be stronger during an especially tough time in her life. The card can be perceived as a helpful red flag.

If your friend still has questions after you explain some of the meanings of the cards to her, encourage her to speak to a psychic. During a reading, your friend can learn more about tarot and how it can give her an edge in her own life.

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