The Six of Cups may signify that it's time to move on from the past

Published Date 10/30/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

The Six of Cups may signify that it's time to move on from the past

If you regularly receive tarot readings, you might benefit from familiarizing yourself with the meaning of each card. One card that might appear during your next reading is the Six of Cups - but what does it truly mean?

On the card, you'll likely see a depiction of two children surrounding six cups. The kids are meant to signify a sense of innocence. However, it's important to recognize that innocence is something that doesn't last long and fades over time.

If you receive the Six of Cups during your reading, you should consider pursuing something or someone who makes you happy. It's also crucial to stop holding onto the past for the sake of nostalgia and embrace change to improve your life - let go of your childlike innocence. Take a leap and invest time in something new that satisfies you.

During your reading, a live psychic will be able to give you more information on the Six of Cups and any other cards that may appear. Tarot is a great way to gain insight into which direction your life is headed, whether you have questions about your career or your love life.

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