The Roller Coaster Called Clairvoyance by Psychic Neil

Published Date 9/25/2013
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Sometimes the ride isn't always what you expect.

The thing about clairvoyance is that nobody ever tells you what you’re going to see. The dictionary defines this faculty as “the ability to see beyond normal sensory contact.” I have also heard it defined as “clear seeing.” It is all about sight—visually perceiving that which is normally obscured.

For me, clairvoyance was the last of the ‘clairs’ to make itself known. Both clairsentience and clairaudience—feeling and hearing beyond the normal—had been part of my life for years. I remember sitting behind someone at school and feeling their frustration. I recall hearing someone’s voice even though they were halfway across town. This was all strange initially, but pretty straightforward.

Clairvoyance has been different for me. Seeing things beyond normal contact has been unsettling because I did not expect this was what clairvoyance would bring.

I used to flip through my grandmother’s National Enquirer when I was a kid. She loved the stories about Liberace and Jackie O; I loved seeing the stars of the day. A psychic was a regular feature then. Sometimes I would read her predictions. “I see…” was how she often started. “I see an airliner crashing,” “...a Kennedy for president,” “...a husband for Cher.”

I got the impression that psychic-seeing was a literal affair. I assumed she saw a crash; an inauguration; a wedding.

Yet for me clairvoyance has never been a literal experience. As a result, it has taken me a while to learn how to work with this ability. Somebody asks about a relationship and I see a partially open door. Or is it partially closed? Another asks about work and I see a merry-go-round. Is it time to get off or on? When a situation is indeterminate (the outcome could go either way) I see juggling plates. It took me some time to figure this one out.

No one ever told me these were what I would see as a clairvoyant. That’s part of what makes this work interesting. I often say my best readings are collaborative. When we work together to determine what a specific vision means, the results are usually impressive. Joining both our intelligences in understanding a lonely flower vase usually earns the best outcome.

I once saw a roller coaster after being asked about finding love. This image seemed to suggest it was time to get off the dating roller coaster and plant both feet on the ground. Months later the caller phoned back. “Strangest thing,” she reported, “I got off the metaphorical roller coaster and a few weeks later went to an amusement park. Looking at the roller coaster there, I bumped into a guy and we started dating. I think we may be falling in love.” 

And that’s the other thing I say about this work: It is never an exact science.
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