The Question I am Asked the Most... WHEN? by Psychic Moira

Date 5/2/2021
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Exact timing depends on many factors.

Exact timing depends on many factors.

When? The most frequently asked question. When will he kiss me? When will she call? When will they propose, or make contact? Almost always the timing question pertains to another's actions. Now, in all honesty, I do not possess the gift of knowing precisely when another person will take a particular action. I am often able to see if it will be soon, or if it will take weeks or months, or possibly years. I would love to be able to say, "YES! Tuesday at 4 pm! Be sure to wear something that brings out your eyes!" 

Astrology and Timing

Astrology, especially when we examine coming transits to your natal or progressed chart, can answer questions surrounding issues that require careful timing. When's the best time to put my house on the market, travel, schedule a major exam, or call my ex and mend fences? The answer to when should I take action empowers us. The questions and the answer give us control. However, I believe it's true for all of us at one time or another, we tend not so much to look at when we should act, but rather we want to know when something will occur. 

Often the "When," question arises when we are upset, impatient, afraid, or full of worry. Sometimes a customer asks "when" at a moment when they're full of anger at the person about which they are asking. Being upset is okay. Many psychics are healers and consider it part of the reading to use their gifts to hold energy for you. When you call me, I want you to know that the reading is a sacred and safe place, created just for you.

Universal Divine Law

Interpreting the "when" question, I often touch on the more important question; is the desired event likely to occur. Is there a sustainable connection that brings an ex back? Is there a cosmic 'ping' indicating the other person does think about you? Sometimes mutual empathic communication between parties is clear and defined. Other times the connection is rather weak, and it's like looking at the individuals through tissue paper or frozen water. Exact timing is dependent on many factors coming together in perfect concert with Universal Divine law.

Timing is Subjective

It is useful to view timing as subjective. The person you’re asking about may make a pit stop or two on their journey, and no amount of worry will change that. Perhaps the situation is complicated by divorce or extended family. Sometimes we are not prepared for the desired event. Still, the question persists, when will he do something? The anxiety around such questions can be intense. It's helpful at this point to go deeper and uncover our inner wisdom. Are we using embracing our power or giving it away? Through self-awareness, we're better prepared to transform our thinking and embrace our future selves prepared for the "When" moment to arrive.

Time is a Human Construct

Higher metaphysics teaches us that Time is a human construct; people designed ways to measure and mark the passage of time. Perhaps that is why predicting future timing is an imperfect art. So, when we’re looking for the “When?!”, we should always be prepared for the now. I keep in mind the words of Florence Scovil Shinn, “Now is the appointed time. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.”

Thank you for reading, I'm so happy that you are traveling along with me on this incredible journey! 

Love & bright blessings, 
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In-house Astrologer Moira writes the weekly Love Horoscopes for Psychic Source. Formally educated in psychology and theatre, She's also a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.

A professional Astrologer since 1986, Moira considers herself to be lifelong student of the esoteric arts. She travels extensively, leading workshops centered on soul-mate astrology, past life exploration, and psychic development.

Her passion is helping others find clarity and connect with their potential and purpose. When not working with Psychic Source customers, Moira volunteers with her local animal rescue group.


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Aunique1: I was recently told not to worry about timing from my Advisor of an upcoming relationship that I want to have so desperately. Reading your article has clarified in detail, why timing is so important. Your explanation of Universal Divine Law and Timing is Subjective makes my understanding of why timing is vital puts my mind at ease (somewhat). There are so many obstacles that can prevent it from happening at that moment for example both parties are married; which is one of the main factors preventing the reality of being together, but knowing it will likely occur gives a little more comfort to the situation. No one likes to wait and everyone including myself want it right now! Thank you for clarifying and shedding light on why timing is important for the perfect connection to manifest. Enlightened!

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