The People of Tarot: Page of Pentacles

Published Date 7/15/2012
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A Tarot Reading can shed light into your situation.

Of the 78 revealing cards of the Tarot, none speak more about people around you than the Court Cards.
The Kings, the Queens, the Knights and the Pages unveil messages spoken from the hearts and minds of those who are present in your life.
Our focus is the Page of Pentacles.
Pentacles represent things, money, chattel, a means to your feeling of security. Two hundred years ago, Pentacles might represent your farm, crops, tools. Two thousand years ago, Pentacles might be fire, weapons, hunting & gathering of food, your tribe. These are the basic necessities for your protection and safety.
The Page is a messenger. He/she brings you news!
Using the Rider-Waite Tarot card deck. Gaze at the presence of the Page of Pentacles.


He is standing in a leisure pose on green, fertile, stable ground, no clouds in the golden sky and lush lands all around. This is his land. He does not walk, run or dance. We see him from the front so we gain clues to his message from his expression. His appearance is of a wealthy person admiring his own wealth / prize / Pentacle in his hands. Is his trophy earned, inherited, salary for a job well done? Is he glazing so intently that he does not see his surroundings? Does he appreciate his gains or takes things for granted? He holds his Pentacle up like a prize. This is not an offering to you, instead he might pull it tight to his chest if he sees your interest in his Pentacle.

This Page of Pentacle is a message for you to appreciate your wealth in it’s form of security and safety. Even in times where you do not feel protected, the message is to find the evidence in your life that IS secure and honour it, build on it and cherish it.
Reveal your prize, trust that prosperous and positive foundations are in your life.

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by Sandra x8688

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