The Mystical, Magical Numbers of Halloween by Psychic Suzi

The Mystical, Magical Numbers of Halloween by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 10/28/2022
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3 is a very lucky number this Halloween!

3 is a very lucky number this Halloween!

Halloween takes place on Monday October 31, 2022. Its mystical energy grows more intense three days before Halloween and for the three days after (October 28 – November 3). Suring this week, cooler weather surrounds the crisp crackle of colorful autumn leaves. Misty days seem to shadow the growing mystical vale between the living and the spirit world. 

Over these days the vale thins allowing those in spirit to reach out to us the living through many signs that include mystical and magical numbers. They can bring a peek around the corner, inspiration, hints of caution or encouragement even sudden clarity to an important situation. 

Be aware of the very magic in the air as the number’s vibrations tap you on the shoulder revealing insights.

Four Things To Do To Open Mystical Awareness During Halloween

  1. Add the colors of Halloween to your wardrobe. Incorporate Black for the endless mysteries and add some Orange for the abundance of the harvest season. 
  1. Carve a pumpkin face. Then place a lit white candle inside to help light the way for visiting spirits. 
  1. Meditate at sunset asking spirits for signs and guidance in your life. 
  1. Write three questions or wishes on a piece of paper on Halloween night. Place the paper on a plate and safely burn it. Then take the ashes outside and release them in the wind allowing the spirits to catch your questions or wishes and bring their magic to them.

Your Halloween Magical Numbers and Mystical Forecasts

The following numbers reflect magical mystical energies that are expanded over Halloween. For example, if you buy something and the bill comes out to $3.33 you could have a triple dose of good news or luck.

Keep your eyes open and enjoy the fun energy over this colorful holiday that honors our spirit friends.

Halloween Lucky Numbers

Magical 2022 Halloween Numbers

3 - This is a fast-moving energy that brings good luck, good news, or helpful information. All creative matters are expanded with inspiration. Small windfalls can surprise you. Spirits are whispering in your ears full of ideas.

5 - This exciting unpredictable vibration is often called “The Movie Star” number. You can really sparkle and shine now that you are getting noticed. Wear a stunning Halloween costume and watch out for sudden attractions. Expect the unexpected and believe anything is possible… because it is!

7 - This number’s vibration is considered the shaman energy of wisdom as sudden insights and dreams abound. This energy could bring a new teacher into your life under the name of friend. Any delays are spirit’s way to say think twice before you jump into anything new.

11 - This high vibration is called the Golden Pillars. It is pointing towards a major gateway to an important new beginning. It takes courage to step forward, but the angels are beside you. You have earned this gift, so accept it with a smile.

33 – Finally, this number brings a very high vibration, thought of as the humanitarian. Don’t be surprised if a whole new life calling could suddenly come to mind. You have gifts to share with the world as you move about sharing a special healing quality. Kindness could come to you when needed most.


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Suzi is a gifted psychic who has been using her generational gifts for over three decades. Coming from a strong Celtic family, Suzi is a metaphysical counselor, teacher, and speaker. She has published numerous articles on astrology and numerology, which she combines with her natural intuition to offer her clients greater insight into their lives.


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