The Magician tarot card may represent power and greed

Published Date 7/26/2012
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The Magician tarot card may represent power and greed

You might regularly receive tarot readings from your trusted medium, but do you know the meaning of each of the cards? While your reader might be more than willing to help you understand your reading, familiarizing yourself with tarot card meanings can give you more confidence when you sit down for your session.

One card that you may come across during a reading is the Magician. This card typically has a picture of a male holding a staff with a heavenly glow around him. The essence of this individual is power and skill, and the Magician also represents intellect.

If this card comes up during your reading, it may be a sign that you need to seize the day - the Magician is thought to help individuals realize their potential and give them the power to achieve their goals.

However, if the Magician is drawn in your reading upside down on the table, it can indicate that you're in for trouble with manipulative, greedy people in your environment.

A psychic chat can help you better understand the meaning of the Magician - as well as other tarot cards - before you head into your next reading.

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