The Knight of Wands can signify passion as well as energy

Published Date 1/16/2013
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The Knight of Wands can signify passion as well as energy

When it comes to tarot, you can benefit from knowing more about the cards and the meanings that they hold. If you already know a few cards and you want to familiarize yourself with an entire deck, there's no better time to spruce up on your knowledge than before your next reading.

The Knight of Wands is one card that may come up during a session in the future, and it has several different meanings depending on how it appears in the spread. If the Knight of Wands is right-side up during your reading, it may indicate that you're feeling energetic and passionate about something in your life that's worth pursuing.

When the Knight of Wands appears upside down, it can have the opposite indication - it might mean that you're feeling frustrated and finding delays in reaching your goals. The card can also mean that you're being too headstrong and need to be more conscious of the emotions of those around you.

Speak to your psychic advisor before your next tarot reading to learn more about the meaning of this card and others. Additional knowledge can help you get more out of your readings.

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