The King of Wands may bring out your inner leader

Published Date 1/15/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The King of Wands may bring out your inner leader

To make the most of your next tarot reading, you might want to familiarize yourself with all of the cards, even the minor ones that may turn up in the spread.

One card that may make an appearance during your next reading is the King of Wands. This has several different meanings that vary according to how it's laid on the table. If the King of Wands is right-side up during your reading, it can mean that you're in a position to become a great leader. It's also an indication that you have entrepreneurial tendencies that can come in handy in all walks of your life.

If the King of Wands appears upside down in your reading, it may mean the opposite. This can indicate that you're being too impulsive and ruthless in your life. You might want to slow down and think twice before making any big decisions.

There's always more to learn about tarot, and you can find out information from your psychic advisor before your next reading. By brushing up on your tarot knowledge, you can prepare yourself to get better insight into your sessions.

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