The Journey Between Empathetic and Empath by Psychic Izzy

Date 5/11/2022
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An Empath will tune into their highest self.

An Empath will tune into their highest self.

There is a very significant difference between being empathetic to another and living the life of an Empath. Being empathetic is defined as having the ability to understand what another is going through from their perspective and have compassion. An empath not only has a lot of empathy for others, but they are very sensitive to their surroundings and activity levels, take on other’s energy very easily and need consistent time to balance and ground their physical body and energy system. An Empath brings an abundance of compassion, love, healing and deep listening to those they interact with. 

Are You an Empath?

Ask yourself the following questions and see how many you relate to.

  • As you were growing up, did you struggle to fit in like others? If so, do you still have that challenge?
  • Have you given more than you receive on a consistent basis? Do you find yourself overwhelmed, often giving to the verge of exhaustion, until you learned better energy management methods? 
  • Are you highly sensitive to sights, sounds, smells, sensations, crowds or high activity levels?
  • Do you use your intuition to navigate life? And can you read people like a book?
  • Is it challenging to set healthy boundaries, literal and emotional, and just say “No” to others?
  • Do you absorb others energy and often think it’s your own? Do you know how to tell the difference?
  • Can life easily stress you and increase your anxiety?
  • Do you do almost anything to avoid conflict?
  • Are you struggling with your body?
  • Are others drawn to you for answers and assistance?
  • Can you easily relax, recharge and rebalance your energy in nature or with animals?
  • Is it tricky to stop caring for others in need?
  • Do you often isolate yourself for peace and sanity’s sake?
  • Do you feel you see the world differently than others?
  • Do you frequently overload and start to shut down?

FYI - I relate to virtually every single one of these.

Steps to Strengthen Your Empathic Growth

Undiscovered and Disempowered: In the beginning we are young, unaware and struggling to figure out our life. As a result, we often latch onto coping strategies to survive that are not very healthy. Because we feel we do not fit in, we create systems and methods to run away and hide from all the reasons we feel different. It is way too difficult at a very young age and we cannot figure out any other way than to cram the scary energy inside us somewhere and decide to deal with it later. Guess what, right now is that “later time” that you forget about and also dread, thinking it will be too hard. But surprise, it is much easier than you think. I’ve survived the process. And I can show you faster and easier ways to get there, too. The core belief of a disempowered empath is:The energy that I feel is too much to understand and is stronger than I am.

The Growth and Discovering Process: This is an unusual and exciting time of discovery and exploration into unknown territories. The truth is it is NOT too much for you. Indeed, you do not need to hide and run away from negative energy; you are actually here to vibrate with it, fix it and actually transmute it to make this world a better place. We each do that in our own time with our own methods.

Some people are so intimidated by all of this in the beginning, that they continue hiding and grow up very guarded and timid. Others stumble upon an opportunity for spiritual awakening or a connection that opens up their innate abilities and energy talents. If you happen upon (are directed to) others with empathetic and spiritual abilities, you will be very relieved to be understood at the deepest of levels by other like-minded people. Congratulations, this is an exciting step.

Empowered Action Steps: Often, we can step into our empowered state as we get more experience and confidence. We become who we truly are at the core and start doing what fills us with joy. We are making the difference that we so wanted to do. Part of this is truly be thankful for our empathic gifts and abilities, seeing this as a true gift and blessing, instead of as a punishment or curse. You can choose to step into this at an earlier stage of life. It is all about awareness and choice. There is a key difference between being a sponge and accepting and absorbing outside energy or creating a private and sacred space within for the cure and moving into observation mode instead.

A pivotal step for an empath is acknowledging that they are an influencer of energy, so they can become an alchemist. A physical alchemist changes the properties in the literal world; a spiritual alchemist, is connected with freeing your spiritual self from your fears, feelings of lack and low self-esteem and self-acceptance as well as a range of limiting beliefs. Alchemy is the magic of transformation, inner empowerment and change at the deepest levels. If the energy is not to their liking, they become a “fire” that dissolves it into a more vibrant energy.

One of the most powerful focal points of an empath is to take dark, raw, heavy, thick, negative energy, and transmute it pure while light energy that is light as a feather. The vibration soars to the highest of levels and everyone and everything benefits. An empowered empath can automatically overpower the heavy toxic energy with their own positive vibrant high-vibration energy. That’s the purpose of an empath. The guiding belief of an empowered empath is: “There is no energy stronger than me!”

Empowered Empaths

Follow these steps along your journey, and you will continue to hone your skills, connect with those best for you, and keep asking the world to become a better place. 

1. Tune into Your Highest Self

An empowered empath knows they are an empath. They also know they are very sensitive and can absorb energies, both good and bad. You only stay in the lost and disempowered state if you do not know who you really are, or if that somehow intimidates you. As soon as you start to trust your inner guidance and lean into being the best you can be, you are empowered. When you realize who you truly are (a soul having a human experience), you no longer listen to the fears. You lose the need to isolate yourself. You lose the desire token fit in with others. You are more than content just being YOU. Because you now know, there is no energy stronger than you. This is not ego; this is called being empowered.

2. Accept and Love Yourself on All Levels

Through self-acceptance and self-love, we drop all the old beliefs you held before. You will forgive yourself and all others who you had issue with before. The more you genuinely and vulnerably love and accept yourself, the more you realize how powerful your empathic abilities are and the more your empathic skill, talents and abilities will continue to blossom.

One way that is fun, think of this as a superpower, instead of a weakness that others judge. Your high sensitivity and acute sixth sense, is a richer and deeper way to experience your life. The better you are at accepting all of you, inside and out, the more you will deepen your experience. 

3. Use Your Superpower to Manifest the Life You Deeply Desire

You know how to change energy from toxic to positive. You have helped many other people to learn along your path. You know how to dream and “plant the seeds” of your desires. You do not tolerate resistance of energy that is holding you back. Your energy is of the highest vibration.

So, what are your dreams now? Anything is possible. Leap and the universe will support you as you keep reaching higher and higher. 

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Izzy supports and empowers you. She is direct, insightful and compassionate as she tunes into your energy. Izzy has worked in this profession for more than a decade. She is a college graduate and a graduate of Enwaken Energy Coaching. Izzy is a Reiki Master and has extensive trainings and certifications in the fields of metaphysics, communication and intuition. Izzy is also a Pet Psychic, speaks to those who have crossed over and can help to locate lost items. Bring your questions and concerns, and she will shine a light on your path forward.


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