The Inspiration Behind My Breakthroughs Interview by Psychic Libby

Published Date 9/17/2013
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Libby explains how being a Psychic Source Advisor allows her to help people from all walks of life.

I was both surprised and thrilled (and okay, a little nervous) when Psychic Source chose me to be one of two readers to represent Psychic Source in the Breakthroughs video series.

Quickly though, my attention shifted to helping viewers understand why so many of you call us.  It was a pleasure to participate, and wasn’t hard to explain, as I love my job. We all really enjoy our work here. 

I’d like to explain my focus in the video.

Everyday I get to talk to people from all over the world, all walks of life, all religions, races, ethnicities, and social classes.  I talk to folks from Hollywood to Wall Street; folks just getting out of jail; folks who’ve been unemployed; and those who are in the Fortune 500.

And here is what I find:  Despite our outward differences, we all have similar needs and share like concerns.  

Here are just a few of the reasons everyone needs support:

   • Today we have more romantic relationships and marriages than people in the past.  All of this dating and marriage at various ages gets complex and confusing!  And people expect far more connection in their relationships today than in the past.  Our customers need help sorting out what they see, feel, and expect.
   • Today we have blended families and have to work on difficult issues such as shared parenting, handling stepchildren, having more in-laws, etc.
   • Many people have lost their jobs and/or changed their careers since the recent recession.  People are wondering if they can get their feet back on the ground and adjust to changes. Many have stressful and uncertain work places and wonder if, when, or how they should move on.
   • Add to that mix the fact that it isn’t easy discuss much of this with friends or family, much less coworkers.  After all, almost everyone you know has an opinion about your ex, your finances, or anything else—an opinion that may not be helpful to you!

And then there is us, your Psychic Source Advisors.  We’re anonymous.  We can’t gossip to those you know, or call you back to give you a piece of our minds.  And we don’t have any skin in the game—we’re neutral about all that.  We just want to help you live your life as peacefully and effectively as possible. 

We’re available 24/7 and we’re fast!  I can tune into someone and see the issues at hand in minutes. That may take a counselor or coach many sessions to see.  I can get to the heart of the matter and help you take the steps that will get you to the life you want.

What I really find is that while people call for varying reasons, almost everyone wants one thing in the end: to shift their emotional state and to get peace of mind.  And I LOVE being able to help our callers get there!

It was a delight to share this on Breakthroughs—we all hope you’ll watch.
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