The Impeccable Art of the Mystical Tarot by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 9/13/2017
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The Tarot guides my predictions...

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Some people believe that being a professional Psychic Advisor reading Tarot Cards on-line for money, is wrong! To them it is a scam and only foolish and desperate people would believe in “psychic powers” or believe in an “after-life” or think that people can tell the future or contact the deceased. 

Try to show them through experiences of visions, visitations, successful forecasts, strange coincidences and chance meetings; but none of the evidence of the past, stories of ghosts, reincarnation, cosmic interventions, near death experiences, amazing mediumship; none of it can persuade them! 

Tarot Guides Predictions
I recently gave a reading where I saw the “Death Card” and “The Lovers”; the “Ace of Swords” and a “Page of Pentacles” for a caller. I said, “Good news is coming of a financial and legal matter that is the result of a legacy or inheritance from the passing of someone. Their son may contact you about this in the weeks ahead and it will be great for you financially-and for your husband.”

The caller gasped. “A woman passed and her son has been stalling the inheritance of a property my husband and I are trying to get transferred to our name.” 

"No worries,” I said, “He will contact you soon in the weeks ahead.”

The Power of the Cards
So, all the cynics and the skeptics can chase me with pitch forks and torches if it makes you feel better. But these symbolic, ancient, and mystical Tarot Cards are still amazing me after 40 years of study and practice! My readings are specific because they do not just rely on my own wisdom or intuitive powers, they are a psychic science and a powerful art! 

To read the future is like reading a book where the words are always changing, but through the symbolic power of the Tarot, you can be forewarned and forearmed to meet and greet the future with confidence, foreknowledge, and with faith!

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shannon2314: The night of my tarot reading, I had a powerful vision where an object of comfort was being yanked from my hands as I held on with all my might. When i sat up, I saw the shadows of two lions. I remember Psychic Anthony mentioning a certain emporer and that's when I saw the connection through Chineese mythology. I believe that lions are meant to gard the emporers castle. It will be intereting to see how things unfold as we go along in this journey called life. Thank you Psychic Anthony. You have now solidified my unwavering belief in magic. Shannon

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