The History of Tarot by Psychic Shandra

Published Date 8/17/2013
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Tarot has been around since ancient Egypt!

The mystical, magical tarot, used by pharaohs, kings and mystics through the ages, was greatly prized for the insights it gave these rulers and seers.

In the early years of tarot use the decks had to be handmade and hand painted and could only be afforded by those with great wealth. Today we have many amazing decks and each one has their own special attraction for the user. For anyone who wishes to become more adept as a psychic, the tarot is a wonderful means of channeling psychic information and increasing psychic abilities.

Learning the meaning of the symbols on each card is of course important, but almost every card has a number associated with the symbols and the number rules or influences the symbols. It’s greatly helpful to get a book on numerology to learn more about the importance of numbers and what each number represents.  

As an example, the number one is about new beginnings, opportunities unfolding and doors opening. Two is about a pause or hold on decisions or choices to make about your future. These are just a few examples of what numbers mean and coupled with the Wand, Cups, Swords or Coins, are messages from the Divine.

Many years ago I would get psychic readings from a gifted tarot reader and I decided to train with her. It helps to take lessons to give you feel a level of confidence in your abilities. The tarot, I find, responds to questions very well.  I pose a question to the Universe and then I move my hand over the layout cards and let my psychic instincts guide me to the card or cards that apply to the situation. With practice you learn to trust the cards and your intuitions because another big piece of reading the tarot is your own psychic intuitions. Together, these will guide you to what you need to know.

Also, each card is influenced by the ones next to it.  For example, the Ace of Cups followed by the Knight of Wands can mean a new love is entering your life.  I have about six or seven tarot decks and each one is unique, bringing wonderful information to help and guide you.  
Much love and many blessings to you.
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