The Hierophant may be a positive blessing in a tarot reading

Published Date 7/21/2012
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The Hierophant may be a positive blessing in a tarot reading

One card that you may see in your tarot reading is the Hierophant, which is often known as the High Priest in some decks. Like every other card, there are positives and negatives to the Hierophant, and understanding these traits can help you better perceive your reading.

When it appears right-side up in a reading, the Hierophant can represent intelligence, respect and conformity. There is often a religious connotation when it comes to the Hierophant, and some people interpret this card as a positive blessing. It can be encouraging to receive this card in a reading if you're looking for confirmation during a trying time in your life.

However, the meaning of the card may have negative interpretations if it appears upside down during a reading. The Hierophant is thought to be a Taurus, meaning he is incredibly stubborn. An upside down Hierophant can be indicative of a fear of change, as well as panic during alterations.

If you're interested in learning more about this card and the art of tarot, you may want to speak to your trusted psychic. Readings that incorporate tarot can give you further insight into your future and help you tackle challenging situations.

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