The Hermit Card Can Help You Embrace Your Independance

Published Date 5/13/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The Hermit can help you embrace your independence

The Hermit is one card that might have made an appearance during your last tarot card session, but what does it mean?

Like so many other cards in a tarot deck, the Hermit's symbolism changes depending on how it's laid in front of you during your reading.

When the Hermit appears right side up, this indicates that you're in a solitary position that renders you able to collect your thoughts and reassess your life. Now is the opportunity for a little "me" time to see what creativity can come out of your mind. While The Hermit can be perceived as lonely, it should be thought of as a representative of independence more than anything.

If this card is laid upside down during a tarot reading, this may indicate that you're not taking enough time to yourself to reflect on your life as a whole. In this instance, it may be best to step back and gauge how your life is progressing.

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