The Healing Energy of Pets and Animals

Published Date 8/4/2012
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I'm going to let you in on a secret; animals notice everything!

I’m going to let you in on a secret about pets and animals—they notice everything. I’ve read the energy of hundreds of creatures over the past ten years as a pet psychic and animal communicator, and I can tell you with confidence they don’t miss a trick. I’ve come to view this phenomenon as a gift with tremendous potential to change the course of a life. Following are a couple of lessons we can all take away from our interactions with our animal companions.

This is the one quality about our pets and animal companions that we humans consistently undervalue. They live with us, observe our routines and mold themselves to fit into our lives. They notice when we’re sad or grumpy, thrilled or distracted, worried or pleased. They take us exactly as we present ourselves and act accordingly. We don’t have to explain why we feel what we’re feeling that day. Our pets take it all in stride. It’s absolutely crucial that we allow ourselves the chance to spend time in the presence of a living being that does not judge us and takes us on our own terms. For one reason or another, we often find we cannot allow ourselves to be with our friends, loved ones or co-workers without feeling judged or shamed. But we can do it with animals.

Whether they’re cats and dogs, birds, horses or iguanas, animals spend most of their time observing you and the people with whom you share your life. I once had a guinea pig talk about how a woman who visited every few months—its owner’s mother—now had a different scent. After a bit of investigation, we figured out Mom had switched her perfume and shampoo.

A change in her mother’s grooming habits may seem like a trivial detail, but my client was tremendously moved to learn how closely her pets observed her life. Through this interaction, she felt that she was noticed, that she somehow made a difference to someone, even a guinea pig! It is very easy to become trapped in a spiral of depression and self-doubt. Sometimes it can feel as if all of your efforts simply aren’t making any difference to anyone. But it can be just the lifeline you might need to know that someone or something, even a guinea pig, depends on you and that your well-being is intimately connected to its ability to thrive.

The ability to recognize and honor these connections, however small they might seem, is crucial to our ability to live a balanced life.

by Benjamin x8468

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