The Five of Wands May Indicate an Upcoming Learning Experience

Published Date 4/13/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The Five of Wands may indicate an upcoming learning experience

There's nothing like sitting down for a tarot reading and gaining insight into everything from your relationships to your career. However, understanding the meaning behind each card can help you get more out of your readings.

One card you might see in your spread next time you sit down with your reader is the Five of Wands. This can have several different meanings depending on how it's laid out in the spread.

If the Five of Wands is upside down, this may indicate your tendency to try and avert difficult situations and challenges. In the end, this might signify your desire to avoid a certain problem currently affecting your life.

When the Five of Wands is laid right-side up during your reading, it may indicate that you're in the middle of a conflict or competition with others. However, it can also mean that you're in a prime position to overcome your struggles and learn from your experiences.

Speak to your psychic advisor for more insight into each tarot card and its various meanings. With further education, you can learn additional information about different areas of your life.

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