The Enduring Bond of a Psychic Connection

Date 11/18/2019

This is a story about deep connection – the enduring bond that is formed when you connect with a trusted Advisor on a soul to soul level. It happens in hundreds of readings, between hundreds of clients and Advisors, every day at Psychic Source. Until you have experienced the power and gift of connecting in this way, it can be hard to understand the depth of this bond, formed with a trusting and open heart and a willingness to connect on a spiritual level. 

This video tells the story of one such connection. A trusted connection developed over time between a Psychic Source Advisor, Moira and her client, Tomi. Tomi came to Moira and Psychic Source for an Astrology reading for her birthday.  She discovered that this connection offered more – a way to find something that was obscured from her view. Insight into her life. Seeing possibilities that she didn’t see before.  Like many clients, she quickly recognized that a connection that begins with a question or curiosity about the future, can turn into something so much more valuable.

Over many years, Moira became a trusted Advisor and confidante. She helped Tomi through the death of her husband. She was there for her at every turn. But then their connection turned into something even more special.

Tomi has a gift. Over time and hundreds of conversations, Moira and Tomi began to sense that there was something else going on. Tomi was born with the gift of psychic intuition also.  As they uncovered through reading after reading, hidden childhood memories of subtle signs of her gift began to emerge. But her family never encouraged her to develop her gift. So for most of her life her abilities were obscured.

But then everything changed. With time and trust, Moira helped Tomi unlock her gifts and encouraged her to explore them. It was a powerful spiritual awakening that changed Tomi's life forever. Through years of study and practice, Tomi has been able to connect with her husband’s spirit, and her gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance have expanded. With years of practice and study, they have been fine tuned.  Not only is she now is touch with and using her gifts daily, she's even become a part of the Psychic Source community of Advisors. Now, Psychic Advisor Tomi works with people to learn more about their lives, just like Moira does.

Two lives, linked in an enduring bond. And it all happened over the phone lines of Psychic Source. 

At Psychic Source’s 30th Anniversary Council of Advisors in 2019, a year marked by our celebration of the power of connections, we invited Moira and Tomi to meet in person for the very first time.  It was emotional, transformative and incredibly special to witness, demonstrating the powerful connections developed between Psychic Source Advisors and the people who lives they change.

We invite you to take a look, and make your own psychic connection at Psychic Source.

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