The Dream Time Power of the Tarot by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 12/9/2018
Category: Psychic Topics

The Star card represents the cosmic mind, of which we are all an essential part.

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The ancient legends tell us that the Tarot was brought out of Egypt by the Gypsies. It is said that the Tarot was first invented far back in history by philosophers who spoke different languages. They used the symbolic pictures in order to express their philosophy in a universal and deeper language of symbols because symbols can transmit emotions as well as thoughts! 

In my humble opinion, the most ingenious invention ever made is the Tarot. Why you may ask?  Well, for me it’s because the Tarot uses symbols to invoke the same power our dreams use to connect to the infinite within the collective unconscious of our eternal being-that part of us that never leaves Heaven and lives eternally as pure and refined psychic energy. This part of our deep infinite being is the core from which we are projected into three-dimensional space as a human reflection of that pure being. 

A Vacation Spot for Eternal Souls
As humans we are the courageous co-creators of life on earth, a dualistic continuum that seeks the opposite of the purely psychic, and completely spiritual, dimensions. As humans we are a vacation spot for eternal souls who want to try a life of a moment centered physical being on a world of time and space and history-a one act play of struggle, pain, loss, loneliness, sickness, death and sorrow. For souls to experience change and uniqueness and challenge, so their eternity is ever fresh and ever enlightening, they chose to become us! Souls of pure spirit must do this to understand the exquisite joys and varied and endless pleasures and beauties of immortal life, by spending around one hundred years on a tiny dust speck spinning and whirling through an endless cosmos! 

A Closer Look at The Star
We humans are apparently just a single lonely being, one of billions on earth, a mere spark in the endless darkness of the galaxies shooting through endless space! The Tarot Card "THE STAR" represents the cosmic mind of which we are all an essential part. In fact, the galactic clusters and threads out in space make the same exact branching pattern as our own brain’s synapses and neurons! Our physical cosmos is a symbolic reflection of our true infinite being, a vast and endless Cosmic and Poetic Mind of the YOUniverse.

By being a limited mortal, moment centered, egocentric being, at the mercy of vast forces beyond our control or comprehension, we allow our souls the experience to prove their trust in the impeccable perfection that is ever present to us-even here in this thick, slow, lower world of physical being, as the glories of love and nature and the clockwork precision of the galaxies, stars, and planets-especially our beloved Mother Earth and all her life! Even in the darkest night we can look upon the mystical perfection of the Moon and the Stars! 

What a great and humble honor to be a soul encased in fragile flesh and water, walking through a wonderland of ever transforming and ever expanding being! Connect to your own highest self through the awe-inspiring dream time power of the Tarot! 

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