The Deeper Connection Between Tarot and Past Lives by Psychic Anthony

Date 7/14/2022
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Can Tarot help uncover your past lives?

Can Tarot help uncover your past lives?

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Looking into past lives is like looking into the infinite depths of a bottomless well of consciousness. Those past experiences are still alive in the unconscious mind, informing who we are and deciding along with our present conscious self, the choices we make in this life. Our talents were first begun in those past lives as we accumulated experiences that were well developed in the past but are now those talents we have as natural inclinations. Those things that you were good at a very young age are indications of those hours of former experience we have stored in our unconscious as genetic memories coded deep in our DNA.

That Old Familiar Feeling
We can also trust that those past eras of our history that we feel closer to than others indicate that we have been there before. Languages that we speak other than our native tongue come easily, and those old lives and the places they were lived in resonate with us in books movies and art. Certain cultures have a deep feeling of familiarity, and sometimes we feel closer to other by gone eras and like fictional characters that symbolize those life times like Sherlock Holmes or Julius Caesar! 

Unlocking the Past with Tarot
We can access our Past Life memories in the infinite depth of our consciousness through Tarot, dreams, hypnosis, and other symbolic methods. I can unlock my own intuition by allowing my beloved Tarot symbolism to mingle with my psychic imagination to reveal your past lives! All I need to do is shuffle the cards and wait for you to tell me when to stop and I can tell you the stories from the past that are revealed symbolically. Why symbols? Because they can tell us much more than mere words and convey many deep layers of meaning to unlock the psychic imagination.

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