The Death Card - A Card of Change and Mystery by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 4/16/2015
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Do not fear the Death Card!

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As someone who provides a lot of Tarot card readings, I often get asked the same question. If a psychic pulls the “Death Card” during a reading, does mean my life is over or that bad things are going to surround me? Fortunately the “Death Card” is not as morbid as it sounds and can often bring about positive change as one part of your life ends and a new one begins.

Let me explain better with an example. Recently, a female customer called me for a reading. She had called a few days earlier and told me that her boyfriend had started to move in with her but decided he couldn't commit to her and moved back out. 

The cards indicated that he would be doing a 180 degree turn around. I told her that he would soon be back with her because of a life changing event that would make him realize just how precious people are and that he has no time to waste on being foolish. This may even mean someone close to him might be passing into the Spirit World.  I have to read the "Death Card" or the card of mystery when it comes up. Remember, it doesn't always mean the passing of someone, it can just mean drastic and complete change.

She told me last night that she hung up the phone on my first reading without much hope. But then her boyfriend called that very night and said he wanted to move back in. He also told her that an old high school friend of his had passed away that very day. That made him see he had no time to waste and needed to be with her!  So in this case the card was referring to the passing of a friend, but the lesson ultimately learned brought about a positive turn in their relationship.

Do not be afraid of the Universe!
Consciousness is eternal. Treat Death as a welcomed friend and accept that we must experience it to be immortal. I wish you Peace of Mind and Love of Life to you and yours today and every day.  

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