The Day of Light 2016

Published Date 6/13/2016
Category: Psychic Topics

The 3rd annual Day of Light celebration is June 20, 2016!

For the past 3 years, Psychic Source has brought Advisors, customers, and the rest of the world together to join hands and hearts in a day of warmth, goodness, love, and light. As members of the Psychic Source community, we gather with people of every language, spiritual and faith tradition, to share a moment of true connection to one another in a global meditation. This is a time to reflect on your heart’s highest intention, and the love you’d most like to manifest towards yourself and others.


The third annual Day of Light, June 20th 2016, is being held on the summer solstice to hold true to a new found tradition. At 6:30 pm ET we invite you to join in the live group meditation. Whether you can pause for 5 minutes or 15 minutes, please use this time to feel supported and comforted knowing that our Advisors and members all over the world are with you in spirit, as one. Share your thoughts and experiences here or on our Facebook Event page to let others know that they are not alone! 

If we all put our intentions into the Universe together, great things can happen!

Want to be included?
The event is being spread via social media using the hashtag #PSDayofLight and followed via our Twitter/Instagram handle @PsychicSource. At any time leading up to the Day of Light, we invite you to share your gratitude’s and intentions on our event page, using the hashtag #PSDayofLight. 

Suggested post: “I need positivity for _____ #PSDayofLight” or "I am sending out ______ to the Universe #PSDayofLight" on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all 3!). 

Together we can inspire one another. 

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