The Clever Querent Series #1 - Make Your List and Check It Twice by Psychic Frederick

Published Date 12/9/2016
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Make your list of questions before you speak with a psychic!

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What is a Querent? A querent is one who seeks knowledge. You want knowledge of the future, or more accurately, what you can do to change it in your favor. So how can you maximize the intel you gather during readings?

Without beating around the bush, here is my number one tip for the best reading possible.

Create a List of Questions Prior to Calling.

You might imagine you only have one question, for instance, “When will <Insert Name Here> give me a call?” Once the psychic answers your question, either with the positive response you hoped for, or an answer you were not expecting, what will you do then? Imagine before you call that either scenario could come to pass, and what your questions would be for each scenario the psychic could answer to you. Why? because then there is no hmmmmm, what-should-I-ask-for-now awkward pause that leaves you speechless when you had other questions that pop up right after the call ends. 

By being prepared with a list it gives you an edge and you’ll always be one step ahead of us with your next question so you can find your solution faster. This does a few things for you and I’ll explain with my list of:

4 Reasons Why Having Your List of Questions Ready Is a Good Idea! 

1. It puts you in the mindset of solving a problem rather than feeling that the problem or situation is simply happening to you. In this process you start to branch out your thinking to far more possibilities about the answer you hoped for, the answer you didn't and with new workarounds your imagination can create with the use of this progressive logic.

2. This will accidentally make you more open minded in the process; perhaps you could never imagine such a positive job coming your way, but you extend your faith in yourself while you make that list and start aiming for the optimum, not the seemingly possible. Conversely you can start to grasp what the seemingly unpleasant answer would mean for you and ways you can turn that negative into a neutral or positive depending on the situation.

3. I can attest that around 60% of my regular customers call with lists and they tend to get roughly twice the information out of their readings from me, purely because of the amount of questions they can squeeze in when there are no pauses or distractions with side issues.

4. You can use this list to keep record of progress. On that same sheet(s) of paper, why not write the answers too? this will help with advanced or detailed chronology about how people will change over time, when finances will come your way etc.

So give us a call any time and have your list of questions in hand so you too can be a very clever querent. Join me again soon for the Clever Querent Series #2 where I will discuss the perfect space for readings and what you can do to change your outcomes.

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