The Best Reading I never Had!

Published Date 8/19/2012
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Before getting a reading, decide very carefully if you want the truth or if you want someone to simply agree with everything you have to say.

Three years ago I was in a pretty abusive relationship; more verbal than physical, but still the wounds were not healing.

I had a reading with a well know spiritual medium in hopes that I would receive some clarity about my life, choices, and the proper path to follow.

Interestingly enough, I never mentioned the relationship to him & it never really crossed my mind.

I came in wanting to know how to deal with my annoying co-workers & why my physical body felt so out of sorts. I fully expected the medium to tell me that everyone else was the problem and I just needed to center myself and shield my energy from their negativity: 0 ) 

Boy was I in for a surprise!

Before I even asked my first question he responded in his typical southern drawl "It's the relationship honey. I've seen it a thousand times. You've compromised and compromised and this man is not flying right. Trust me, someone else is out there. You don't need to be afraid of being alone. Plus your body is all acidic & it's due to the relationship. That man is blocking your intuitive abilities!"

After the reading I fell silent. Waves of anger washed over me, and while I did not say it aloud, I found the medium to be rude, abrasive, controlling, and cold.

How dare he tell me about my relationship? I didn't ask about that! I wanted to know about my co-workers and why they were sooo annoying! They were the ones who needed to change, not me!
Plus, he didn't understand that nature of our relationship and his reading style was overbearing! He wouldn't even let me talk!

Flash forward to three years later...

I am no longer in an abusive relationship. I have accepted my psychic abilities & I now read professionally for many women who are in the position I once was in. 
I recently listened to a tape of that reading from three years ago.

What I hear and feel now is very different, a kind, compassionate man who wanted the best for me. The fact that he provided answers without me giving him the background story was a clear sign of his authenticity as a psychic medium.
He would not tell me what I wanted to hear and that infuriated me. It angered me because I wanted to ride off into the sunset with a man that was not truly committed to me, and rather than read the signs (my physical fatigue, irritability, feeling that he was cheating, his hot and cold behavior) I chose to stay in the relationship because I was not ready to move on and step beyond my comfort zone.

These days, I will often read for women who are at a similar cross road. In some cases they are deep into a relationship or have just started one but I can already see that they are repeating a pattern of being connected to emotionally unavailable men.
He may be married, struggling with addiction, in prison, or seeing two women at once but denying it. These are just some examples, but you get the general idea.

Many times, female clients will get angry and call me the same names that I once called that well-meaning spiritual medium: controlling, rushed, rude, and abrasive because what I have said strikes a chord with them, but they are not ready the accept the fact that the relationship is not working & will soon be over.
Here is the thing. Out of spiritual integrity an authentic psychic medium  will not tell you what you want to hear. They will tell you what you need to hear. 

If there is no hope for the relationship they will not say that there is. Nor will they argue with you about it. I will always tell you what is for your best and highest good, but in some cases the truth can sting & it may hurt our egos.  We want to believe that the person will change & realize how much they truly love us. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it does not.  If someone leaves your life it was done for you to make way for bigger and better things.

So, before getting a reading, decide very carefully if you want the truth from an authentic spiritual medium or someone who will simply agree with everything you have to say.
Prepare to listen during the reading, as well as state your concerns. Part of learning is being able to listen, take in information, and see if it resonates with you.

Love yourself. Honor yourself. And surround yourself will people who will tell you the truth.

I wish you well & above all else I wish you love!

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