The Art of Being Clairvoyant by Psychic Izzy

Date 5/11/2022
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You may be Clairvoyant if you know what to look for.

You may be Clairvoyant if you know what to look for.

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Psychics and clairvoyant readers in the long ago past may have been portrayed as mystical and mysterious — totally beyond anything that a ‘normal’ person could achieve. It might have been assumed that only unique and special people are born with these psychic qualities. That is only a myth! 

Truthfully, we are all born with clairs — gifts and talents as our 7th sense. Some people were born with great talents which run in their family. Others experienced some amazing coincidences, and spent time harnessing these skills with training and practice. Most of us are some combination of these two. 

Online clairvoyant readings use a clair, or a variety of them, to provide you with more information and guidance. These clairs are psychic gifts that help us interpret energetic information. Initially, you may not recognize or really know how to use these gifts if you have not been exposed to them. Growing up, your family and friends may not have been aware of these gifts, so you may not have been, either. Today, though, psychics and the use and understanding of clairs is becoming more acceptable by a broader range of people. Some people have been well trained in these abilities from an early age and have lots of practice in developing them. Exposure to psychic clairs is not taught as part of our standard education (unless you attended Hogwarts as part of the Harry Potter School of Life!).

Work with Your Strengths!

When I was growing up, I had no experience with these abilities other than through fiction in books and movies. However, I did know myself well enough to understand that I trusted my gut feelings over logic when it came to important choices and decisions. I am certain that some of you are getting messages, but you are unsure whether you are making them up or misunderstanding them. Let’s learn more about my favorite clair, Clairvoyance — so you can start using it to your advantage!


Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is certainly the clair that gets the most attention. People who demonstrate this trait are quickly labeled as a Psychic in the movies and media. Have you ever suddenly thought of someone, and then run into that person shortly afterward? That may not just be a coincidence, but instead could be an example of clairvoyance.

You May be Clairvoyant if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you close your eyes and process in images or metaphors?
  • Would you rather learn by seeing something rather than hearing about it?
  • Are you a visual person, responding to visual input more strongly than other types of stimuli?
  • Do you visualize your goals and dreams? 
  • Do you often say, “I see” in conversation?
  • Do you sometimes notice flashes in your peripheral vision, yet when you turn to look, nothing is there?
  • Are you creative and artistic? 
  • Do you see colors when you look at people? (Some clairvoyants can see the colors in a person’s aura.)

These are all good indicators that you are already tapping into Clairvoyance. And you may have other clairs that add to your energetic abilities to sense the world around you. Let’s look at ways you can develop and understand these gifts more thoroughly and take steps toward becoming a clairvoyant reader.

Techniques to Practice Clairvoyance

  • Play a Card Game 

    • Use only the numbered cards in a deck of your favorite playing cards. 
    • Shuffle the cards and place them face down. 
    • Pick a single card from the deck (face down) and place your hand on it.
    • Try to determine if it is red or black. 
    • At first, it may seem that you’re guessing — do not beat yourself up over it. This is meant to be a fun game, but your success will increase over time with enough practice, faith and trust. 
    • Instead, you could play the Memory game children play. You are using your ability to see the unseen.
    • Or try Zener Cards. They were designed in the 1930’s by psychologist Karl Zener to work on improving extra sensory perception, ESP. (These were referenced in the 1984 film Ghostbusters.) 
  • Optical Illusions

    • Look for images or books of a variety of examples with optical illusions, ambiguous images or reverse images. Practicing with these will help you. 
    • You have likely seen an image that appear as a vase, and then flips and you see two faces. Same image, but you can see two different things. Experiment and have fun. 
  • Visualization

    • Have fun with closing your eyes and visualizing something that makes you happy. 
    • How does it work when you imagine different emotions or memories? 
  • Crystals/Essential Oils

    • If you have a favorite crystal or essential oil, experiment with opening your third eye with these tools. (Make sure you use therapeutic oils safe for your skin).
  • Meditate

    • Meditation can help you feel grounded, connected and in the flow.
  • Reiki 

    • Reiki can be a powerful tool in developing your clairvoyance. Consider a treatment to get your energy flowing.
  • Set Intentions

    • Anything is possible when you set intentions that you will strenghten your clair through your dream state.
  • Journaling 

    • Keeping a journal can be a very helpful tool.
    • Jot down doodles and thoughts during your day, or even dream journaling.

Use these techniques on your own or with another person. Collaborations can be magical, especially with the person that resonates with you strongly. Start with small stuff. Like finding a close parking space at the grocery store because you decide you can. Visualize it.

Finding Your Path

As I work with clients, I often see things through my psychic ability, not my actual vision. I get either relevant important words, images or messages for you, or metaphors to represent a situation. One client I remember was very overwhelmed and was always comparing herself to others. She thought she was getting nowhere and did not know which way to turn. 

When I deeply connected to her energy, I saw her as a brilliant lighthouse of energy in one moment, and the next I sensed she was moving through an area thick with overgrowth, without clear paths or direction. Suddenly, she was cutting her own unique path thru, with a metaphorical machete, and she was creating her own distinctive journey

After that reading, I expressed that she is a brilliant lightworker, and needs to follow and trust her own spiritual guidance as she creates her own path. She is very talented and unique. She will continue to grow and learn, and her high vibration energy and bright positive light will attract others to her. 

Learning to Trust Your Clair Takes Time

Strengthening your intuition and clairvoyant abilities is like everything else in life — it takes time and practice to develop these skills. The magic is in doing something consistently and with positive expectations. 

To enjoy this more, think of it as a game and an adventure. Add in fun and silliness, like children do in their activities. As we grow up, we tend to forget about our silly playful side. We become much more logical and rational over time and get stuck on our to-do lists. Maybe we are workaholics. 

Now is the time to change things up, and tune into the true you. When you were a young child, I bet you had a great sense of imagination and believed in magic and miracles! Guess what? Now is a great time to jump into that land where anything is possible and see what you find! 

Slow down • be calm • spend time in nature • be creative • be silly



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