The 3 Types of Psychic Dreams

Date 9/2/2020
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Psychic dreams allow you to explore hidden aspects of yourself and others.

Psychic dreams allow you to explore hidden aspects of yourself and others.

To say the dream world is fascinating would be an understatement. In dreams, everything exists beyond the confines of time and space, allowing us to explore different dimensions and aspects of ourselves that aren't open to us in our waking state. Dreams can also allow us to tap into our psychic abilities. Let's take a look at three of the most common forms of psychic dreams and how they can help you tap into your higher self.

1. Precognitive

Precognitive dreams provide insight into possible future events involving living beings. Also called prophetic dreams or premonitions, precognitive dreams foreshadow something that may occur, giving you an opportunity to prepare for the event or change the course of events to avoid it.

If you've ever dreamed of someone's death only to later discover they died in a similar manner, you've experienced precognitive dreaming.  Or on a happier note, maybe you dream about eating dinner with an old high school friend, then suddenly a few days later you have a random meet up with that person you haven't seen in years at a local restaurant. As with any type of dream, premonitions can be positive or negative, symbolic or straightforward — and it's up to you to determine what to do with the information you obtain.

2. Telepathic

Have you ever shared a dream with a close friend, family member, or significant other? Telepathic dreams might not seem significant on the surface unless both of you realize you dreamed the same dream, but dream telepathy is actually a form of communicating with the other person during a dream state. 

People who experience telepathic dreams are always deeply connected to the person sharing the dream on an emotional level. For instance, if you dream that your sister is sick with the flu and you're by her side offering support, and you later find out that she really was sick and temporarily bedridden from the illness at the same time you had the dream, you were connected to her telepathically. 

Telepathic dreams tend to convey ideas, messages, or feelings between two people who are very close. In fact, identical twins often share dreams. Many people don't question identical twins sharing the same dreams because even science admits that twins have unusual abilities in terms of their shared experiences. But telepathic dreams can occur between any two people if they are deeply connected. 

3. Clairvoyant

Clairvoyant dreams connect you with information you wouldn't normally have access to in the waking world. For example, you might dream about a tsunami hitting a coastline in Asia only to wake up to the news that this exact event happened in Japan while you were asleep. You might even have a clairvoyant dream weeks, months, or even years ahead of the actual event, in which case a dream interpreter can help make sense of the dream.

When you have a clairvoyant dream, you are able to tune into a future event psychically without having any cognitive awareness of it. As such, you might discount the dream as soon as you wake, forgetting it entirely until the real-life event occurs and gives you a feeling of deja vu. 

Clairvoyant dreaming often sounds similar to Precognitive dreaming, but the important distinction is a Clairvoyant dream typically concerns a vision with an inanimate (non-living) object or event (such as a natural disaster), where a Precognitive dream usually involves a living being you do (or do not actually) know in the real world. A reading with one of our psychic dream interpreters can help further explore the details of your specific dreams.   

Many of us experience some form of psychic dreaming at one time or another, even if we're not aware of our own abilities. To gain more insight into your own psychic dreams, chat with a psychic online


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