Tarot - The Ancient Symbolic Art by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 5/26/2016
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Shuffling the cards is like your mind shuffling up your feelings.

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For as long as I can remember, I have been amazed by the symbolic wisdom and power revealed in the ancient art of reading the Tarot. I use that system to do amazing things: predict the future specifically; reveal the deep psychological unconscious forces that rule our lives; teach wisdom; unravel dreams; look at past lives; and even contact the Spirit World! 

All these things are the result not of any special psychic gift that we do not all possess!
I have psychic gifts that allow me to use my inner vision, my intuitive and physical feelings and even simple coincidence to say magical things in the reading, but I do not usually control these things. They happen because I have studied and practiced for years to be sensitive to these very quiet and subtle perceptions.

The History of the Tarot
But the symbolic power of the Tarot is based on the ancient wisdom of life, added to through the years and centuries since it was first created long ago in ancient Egypt; kept alive by the Romani (Gypsies) and revived in the middle-ages and perfected in the last few centuries. In ancient times philosophers who spoke different languages used the pictures to discuss their ideas in symbolic pictures they could all understand. 

The Tarot is Like Dreaming
I believe this is a sacred art that combines the art of conversation with the wisdom and mystic power of symbolic pictures. The symbolic language the Tarot reveals is as mystically potent as your dreams at night! Shuffling the cards is like your mind shuffling up your feelings and thoughts to use your own symbols to create your psychic dreams; the Tarot uses the same process; shuffling the cards and using the Tarot symbolism to create a psychically potent portrait of your life and future. 

These symbolic pictures are taken from astrology, numerology, mythology, and the knowledge of human nature, the world’s various religions and philosophies, combined with psychological understanding. In the hands of an inspired reader it can actually make new pathways in your mind to solve impossible problems in your life and give you power to meet your future by reading the POETIC MIND OF THE UNIVERSE! 

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