Tarot on a Tangent: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Tower? by Psychic Donovan

Date 3/3/2022
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Have you ever felt nervous when certain cards turned up for you in a tarot reading? Fear not! Psychic Source Advisor Donovan helps you navigate through those "scary" cards, so you can use them as opportunities for growth.

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By Psychic Donovan x8351


Pulled the Devil card or the Tower card in a reading? Or perhaps even the Death card? Scary? 


You bet.

And so is the Ten of Swords, Nine of Swords, Five of Cups, Three of Swords, the Tower, just to name a few. And the keywords assigned to their meanings in various tomes and reference books are often scarier than the symbols and pictures on the cards.

These so-called scary cards, all Tarot cards for that matter, are not portends of doom or heartache or whatever. They are, instead, messages from your Inner-Self on how to receive your heart’s desire faster. 

Yep. The scariest cards in Tarot, including the rascals mentioned above, when approached or interpreted with the approach I suggest, will build confidence, not fear, inspire understanding, and give the power back to the querent (the person receiving the reading). The meanings behind the symbols and emblems help the querent release resistance and raise their vibration (attitude and awareness). More than just getting the poison out…I am talking about turning the poison into medicine. When we approach Tarot cards in the manner I suggest, that inner-alchemy that spins straw into gold/lead into gold actually happens. Turning gold into gold is not so fancy, but turning lead into gold…now that is something.

Where the Attention Goes... the Energy Flows
So, to give you a view as to how this can translate in day to day life, the gent in the office across the hall is quite a hardcharger in terms of sales and business development. He is always reaching for new ways to be positive, more positive than the day prior. He goes on rages of appreciation, and I love that about him. His big mantra is that James Redfield axiom that says, “Where the attention goes the energy flows.” And my dear friend uses this idea to browbeat me about Tarot, 

“I aim my focus at what I want, Donovan, and what I want gets bigger. Who needs cards?” He’s given me a hard time about the Tower card and the Devil card so many times. And being thusly cornered I often counter back by suggesting that if his “where attention goes energy flows” axiom is correct, and we both know it is, then the Universe is one giant echo-machine or copy machine echoing back to the focuser copies of their focus. And I often ask him, “Don’t you want to get an idea what you are radiating before it gets echoed back to you?”

So, my dear friend across the hall has never voiced faith in the Tarot, nor have we breached the impasse mentioned above. But that same man sure asks me to pull the heck out my cards every time he and the girlfriend hit a rough spot. 

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1SunFlower: Great perspective on those cards, and very helpful for me!

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