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Tarot on a Tangent: Try Your Luck with the Wheel of Fortune Meditation Podcast by Psychic Annie

Date 12/9/2022
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Learn to bend and flow with all of life’s twists and turns with this guided affirmation mediation by Psychic Annie based on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card is usually seen as one of the most sought-after tarot cards to receive in a reading, representing life's consistent cycles and evolution. On the surface, The Wheel of Fortune's appearance shows a sudden stroke of good luck, or that good news will be coming towards us. However, going deeper into this card can remind us that life does not stay the same forever; the wheel turns as time passes. Which way The Wheel of Fortune turns for you is up to the divine to decide. The mystical and almost whimsical illustration of the card reminds us that we must work with the energy of the wheel's constant rotation if we wish to achieve the most success in even the most challenging circumstances. 

Wheel of Fortune Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune’s Symbolism

The divine figures and symbols depict all around the card add a sense of mystery and intrigue to The Wheel of Fortune's energy. However, to read and understand the significance of this card to its fullest extent, it is essential to first delve deeper into the purpose and meaning of each symbol on the actual card. Let's begin with the card's most noticeable detail, the bright orange wheel. Written on the wheel are the words Rota and Tora. Rota is the Latin word for wheel. And Tora, in the Hebrew definition, is instruction or law. The Tora or Torah is a collection of the first five books of the Hebrew bible. The Tora is also seen being read by our good friend, the high priestess. Yet another card represents greater forces. The fixed signs Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and the eagle representing Scorpio, are seen reading the Torah; this is a representation of man's quest for divine enlightenment and union.

The Sphinx, positioned at the very top of the wheel, is grounded and centered during the changes the constant turning of the wheel brings. The Sphinx also holds a sword, the sword being a symbol of truth as well as clarity. The serpent descending from the side of the wheel is a symbolism of wisdom but also deceit. While the clouds that cascade throughout the imagery are said to embody our dreams and hearts' desire. The snake and clouds inform us that not all that glitters is gold. When an opportunity is presented, and it is time to make your choice, it is essential not to let desire cloud your judgment. Trust that what may be hidden from you, the divine will make clear to you.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Working with The Wheel of Fortune's Energy

Given that we have taken the time to understand the importance of this card, we can now dive deeper into how to work with the card's energy. When this card shows up in your reading, it is essential to know that whatever the focus of your reading or question may be, the universe is working in your favor.

Events and circumstances are being aligned in your favor. That is the first way to work with the energy of this card, adopting the mindset that all things are working together in your life. The Wheel of Fortune also deals with cycles and changes. Perhaps you find yourself feeling a bit uncomfortable with the idea of change. If you wish to absorb the energy of this card fully, you must be willing to approach your current path with an open mind when it comes to change and new beginnings. The Wheel always turns. Nothing is permanent evolution and transformation are always at play.

The Wheel of Fortune represents karma—what you reap is what you sow. Ask yourself the following questions and take time to think about your answers. What seeds are you planting into the world? Are your actions balanced with the energy you wish to usher into your life? For example, do you speak kindly of others and yourself? Do you give others the same love you wish to be given to you? These are all questions this card is asking you to answer honestly. Working with this card's energy requires steadfast courage and an open heart to what is yet to come.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright

The Wheel of Fortune in the upright represents fate being at the center of a circumstance. This card can also represent cycles. Life will continue to move forward, we may roll the dice, but the universe always determines how the dice fall. The Wheel of Fortune assures us that things will work out for us no matter what may come from a situation.

When this card comes up, it generally means that spirit brings all things together in perfect harmony for you (depending on the other cards that surround The Wheel of Fortune). The Wheel of Fortune comes after The Hermit, representing loneliness or isolation, so if you have felt more down than usual, this card is a positive reminder that things will be picking up for you! The Wheel of Fortune can also represent chance; if you are wondering whether or not you should take a risk, this card encourages you to be bold and take it.

The Wheel of Fortune in Love Upright

The Wheel of Fortune in love signals a divine union coming together. You could look forward to meeting a new (possibly life-long) prospect, or you may receive a serious offer from a romantic interest. In love, this card can also represent a new cycle or phase of your love life. If you have found yourself in unsatisfying relationships or have struggled to create long-lasting connections, The Wheel of Fortune sends the message that a new phase of your love life will begin. New doors and opportunities will be given to you.

The Wheel of Fortune is a card of gambling and numbers. You may have to kiss a few frogs before meeting your prince. To increase your odds, go out looking and feeling your very best! On the other hand, should you find yourself already in a committed relationship, The Wheel of Fortune represents major changes are about to take place, and the playing field is aligned in your favor.

The Wheel of Fortune in Career Upright

The Wheel of Fortune in career usually is a good omen for work. If you are hoping for a new job offer or promotion, you are in luck! These opportunities are being presented to you. Perhaps you've worked hard to see more abundance and fruition in your career. The Wheel of Fortune represents good karma. Your hard work is being rewarded! You may also find yourself wanting to create a business of your own. This card gives you the confirmation to start! The divine is laying the path to success for you. On the contrary, if you have felt a sense of stability at your job, The Wheel of Fortune Upright can be a warning that sudden change is coming depending on the other cards surrounding it.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

When reversed, The Wheel of Fortune can signify setbacks or unwanted changes. Despite all of this, one thing remains the same: the divine still stands at the center instead of taking matters into your own hands. The Wheel of Fortune encourages you to adapt to this transition. Life is never guaranteed to be a fair game all the time. Sometimes the divine will have to switch up the path for you drastically. Life happens in cycles. With evolving cycles always comes change and endings. Every setback is a setup for an even greater comeback! So rather than forcing the wheel to turn in a way you desire, you must be willing to learn and work with the direction of the wheel's current rotation.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed in Love

The Wheel of Fortune reversed in a love reading can indicate a sudden wrench thrown into your romantic hopes. Should you be single, this card can represent feeling stuck and hopeless in your love life. There could be a negative belief in love that is delaying success. You have a choice. You can either sit around feeling sorry for yourself, hoping for something to fall from the sky and into your lap. Or you can reflect on what beliefs need to be changed and what you can do to create a better mindset to attract good karma and call in new energy.

If you are not single, you and your partner may feel as if the spark has dimmed; focus on what changes need to take place to bring back the passion. However, this card can also indicate you may be trying too hard to hold onto a relationship that no longer serves you. Instead of forcing things to work out, spirit encourages you to let go. This card could also indicate toxic cycles finally being broken in your love life, depending on the cards surrounding it.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed in Career

When the reversed Wheel of Fortune shows up in a career reading, it can represent unwanted changes or feeling stagnant in our work life. Although an undesirable change is coming, this setback is a setup for more success in the future. Things may feel stagnant right now. This card is a call to action. It is time to reflect on all the major choices you've made. Have you allowed doubt to make you miss out on significant opportunities? Perhaps you may feel restricted because your job is something that no longer brings true fulfillment. Use this time to reflect on any changes you need to make. Once you've done this, prepare to go after what you truly want when the wheel turns up again.

All in all, no matter what direction The Wheel of Fortune turns for you, one thing stays certain. All things will always work out for your greatest and highest good. Be sure to check out my Wheel of Fortune Meditation above for more about this mystical card.


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Annie has worked professionally as a psychic advisor for the past 11 years. Her deep passion for the occult, and her psychic talents has helped guide people to a path of true enlightenment. Annie uses her empathic abilities to connect to the hearts of the people around her, giving them answers that resonate. Her love for astrology has helped her enrich her craft further, she is able to read birth charts, and use the solar systems transit to predict your future and assist you in making important choices. As a growing psychic Annie's most important quest is to use her talent to help the people around her create the life aligned with the highest versions of their truest self.


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