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Tarot on a Tangent: Demystifying the Moon Podcast By Psychic Astrid

Date 2/22/2023
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The Moon card symbolizes hidden spiritual depths. Use its archetypal energy to gain deeper awareness of your psyche with this guided meditation by Psychic Astrid.

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Tarot Card is the 18th card of the Major Arcana in a standard Tarot Deck. Connecting with feminine imagery, we find many associations with emotion in water and the subconscious realm. The Moon traditionally in history is used to represent Goddess energy, as well as the realm of what is hidden, occult, or esoteric. It is shrouded in mystery and silence. As a reflection of ourselves we can see the Moon connect to meanings associated with our psychic ability, what lies beneath the surface, secrets, hidden meanings, and dreams.

Scorpio and Cancer (known for emotion, intuition and psychic ability) are strongly represented by the crab and the scorpion that appear in the traditional Moon card’s imagery.  The Moon card also includes the numerology of number 9 (humanitarianism, ending cycles, and healing) and the animal symbolism of the Wolf (teacher and wisdom) as well as Dog (family, tribe, loyalty). The dichotomy of the two animals also shows push and pull between our primordial mind and the mind of our higher consciousness. In its order in the Major Arcana, the Moon is preceded by the Star Tarot card (optimism, hope, dreams, aspirations) and followed by the Sun Tarot card (illumination). It is a true representation that sometimes we must go through the dark before the sun rises, and we find the light in life. 

Tarot Moon Card

The Moon Tarot Upright

When the Moon tarot card shows up in a general reading, it is definitely a sign that there is something we aren’t seeing. It is wise for us to take a step back and reassess what we feel we know about our situation. In general spreads, it can mean we are being ruled by our subconscious impulses. The moon delves into our hidden psyche—the shadow aspects of ourselves that drives us to merely react impulsively without thinking. Those snap reactions can occur because of our defense mechanisms, habits, patterns of behaviors, subconscious beliefs, and cycles. Because of this, the Moon tarot card meaning also connects with cycles of life or an actual timeframe of a lunar calendar. Depending on our intention in the reading, the connection to the literal or metaphorical meaning of the card will be represented. Though more often than not, the Moon in tarot has more abstract and psychological connections.

When referring to a literal aspect of a situation between the subject of the reading and the relationship to the situation, it will most often mean information that is unknown or obscured to the individual. It is time for the individual to reassess the information they have before they make decisions or act on the situation, and to release assumptions about what they understand and know. It is a time of sacrificing pride and asking questions instead.

When connected to a spiritual subject, the Moon card will be asking us to pay attention to our intuition, dreams, and symbolism that we receive in daily life. It is a reminder that we when travel into the darkness to find answers and meaning, it is not truly dark. The face of the moon is illuminated by the sun and reflects its energy, so we can find light and meaning inside of it. It is also a caution not to be caught up in illusions, blinded by the darkness of the new moon. Not everything is as it seems. It is a time to nurture ourselves as we quietly observe to find answers, without becoming too watery and bogged down by our emotional tides. It is asking us to use higher thought and logic to navigate deeper or more powerful emotions and to ask the Universe for clarity during this time.

The Moon card also reminds us of our ego and primal nature, the more base instinct part of ourselves that seeks survival and pleasure in life. These driving forces may be the bigger motivation in our actions without our realization. This connects to our fears and our programming, and the way we learned to be from our experiences in life. It is a time to ask on a deeper level 'why?'. The Moon card gently inquires that we look deeper than we are normally comfortable with and to look beyond the surface and dive into the water.

Keywords: illusions, what is hidden, subconscious, dreams, emotions, impulses, intuition, looking within, reflecting, projection

Tarot Moon Card

The Moon Tarot Reversed

Reversed meanings tend to have the opposite impact of the upright position, though this is not always the case. They can also have an exaggerated meaning of the original position. In the case of the Moon card, this can traditionally represent a breakthrough.

We have been journeying through the night and now the dawn is about to break. We may feel tired and weary, but clarity is surfacing on the horizon. We can finally see what is in front of us, and we are being called to release the fear that has been gripping our hearts. It's almost over, and we will soon understand. As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. It is a time to pay attention to our intuition as we navigate our way to the end. The truth will soon be revealed, and the wool will be removed from our eyes. Gratefully, we will no longer feel blinded. We will be coming out of our situation with a deeper understanding of ourselves, and the situation at hand. We may struggle with what we see, but we will be thankful now that we know the truth. We have learned to look beyond the illusion and see reality.

In our journey, we have met the deeper parts of ourselves and won. We have learned to embrace our shadows and accept ourselves for who we are. We have conquered what we learned to be and have broken through to the truth. 

If we're still experiencing confusion, we are being asked to dig a little deeper. The answers lie within, and you know the truth, you just don't know that you do yet. Drown out what is going on around you, center yourself, and go inside yourself to find your authentic voice and expression.

Keywords: revelations, coming to conclusions, truth, seeking deeper meaning, asking questions, endings

Tarot Moon Card

The Moon Tarot in a Love Spread

In a love reading, the Moon card is representing the same as the upright position. Things are being misunderstood and there is more than meets the eye. What you think is happening is not actually what is occurring. Some things are being missed or hidden. Oftentimes, the translation is dependent on the surrounding cards. Are you mistaking a honeymoon phase for true love? Are you swooning before you truly know or understand the person you are with? Does something feel off, leaving you scratching your head, but everything feels fine? The Moon card is validating your concerns. Pay attention to the surrounding messages, especially additional Major Arcana or Cups cards.

When the Moon card in tarot lies in a spread representing the unconscious, we are especially being ruled by baser emotions and instincts and are living out what we have learned previously and are most likely repeating cycles or patterns. Are you too attached? Or are you too detached? The Moon card is asking you to reflect before you are caught unaware by illusions in love.

Using the Moon Tarot Card to Explore Our Subconscious

When we're struggling to understand ourselves in our daily lives, we can pull the Moon tarot card as a focus in a personal reading session to reflect upon ourselves by asking proactive questions. Usually, when we start a reading session, the most important part is setting an intention for the session. We can do this by gently affirming in our minds, "I ask for the truth and clarity for what is hidden to me our unseen. I ask for messages from my Angels, and Spirit." Setting this intention helps us keep in an objective mind, so that we can be willing to accept the answers that come to us. When we do this, we can use an eight card spread in the following layout:

Tarot Moon Card Layout

The number one represents the Moon card, which is your focused intention in the reading session. When you go to the 2nd card below it, it represents your subconscious influences, what you're not seeing or aware of, or your hidden motivations. This is where you're going to really focus on connecting with the answers that lie within, and for deeper insight into yourself. This card will reveal the shadowed things you may not be aware of that are subconsciously driving your behaviors forward. This card often represents emotionally motivated behaviors, especially if is from the suit of Cups. We may or may not be aware of this motivation.

As we move to the 3rd card, the past card, this will represent the situations in the past that have caused our subconscious to be shaped or influenced. This will be especially true if this card is representing a specific past situation that has caused us to put up our guard, or wall ourselves up as part of a self-defense mechanism. This card will help us gain insight into the different types of life situations or experiences that have impacted card number 2.

When we move on to card number 4, this card traditionally represents the outcome of the situation. We will further delve into cards 6, 7, and 8 in connection to card 4 further on. For now, it is important we understand this outcome is based on things as they are and is not necessarily set in stone. This means if things go unchanged, this is most likely what we will see. When we are able to see and acknowledge card number 2 with honesty, self-acceptance, and love, we are able to change card number 4 in most scenarios. This is the beauty of why we are doing this layout, we are looking for guidance and wisdom into how we can heal to reshape our realities and our lives.

When we move to card number 5, this is our current perception or our thoughts. You may find card 5 is drastically different than card 2. In some cases, they may reflect each other and complement each other, and in other cases, it can show us the huge separation between our minds and hearts. It shows us the difference between what we think and how we feel. Are these aspects in alignment or are they at war? Note both without judgment as much as possible. This is an honest exploration of yourself because you wanted to know and understand yourself on a deeper level, and it's important you are gentle with yourself as you reflect on what you see with compassionate understanding.

As you move on to card 6, this card will represent the "healed" outcome or the alternative outcome in which you are not allowing your subconscious drives or ego to dictate your choices. This shows what things can be outside of our impulsive reactions. This does not necessarily mean the outcome will be a "better" outcome. This outcome may show an action or a situation that is in the best and highest good of your own self-interest. What this means can vary greatly. It may indicate moving forward or moving on. It may show a more peaceful outcome, or a need to surrender. 

Card 7 is a message from your Guides and the Universe that is supportive or an explanation of card 6. This will give further insight into card 6, and how change can lead to something more fruitful in the future, even if that means closing doors in the now so new doors may open. 

Card 8 is a message from your Higher Self to support why it is in your best and highest good. 

If you so choose, you may use an Oracle deck for cards 2-8 with The Moon card from the Tarot being left in position 1. This sets the energetic intention for you to explore inner world for deeper self-awareness and self-connection. If you choose Oracle deck for this exercise, please make sure the deck incorporates elements of shadow work to help facilitate self-exploration. 

Tarot Moon Card

Final Thoughts

The Moon card can represent the dark night of the soul. It's a fundamental part of our nature to get confused sometimes and question ourselves and life. By searching for the deeper answers, we come in closer alignment with ourselves and what we truly want and desire in life. The Moon card causes us to question our motivations, actions, dreams, and decisions. When we journey into the deeper parts of our soul, we can recognize and understand ourselves and others on a deeper level. This is the true connection we find in the Moon card in tarot, and why it is an important part of our journey in life. 


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Astrid is a soul worker, psychic medium, and energy healer who has been practicing since 2003. She has completed certification courses in crystal healing, Reiki Usui Seichim Master level practitioner, and has adopted the Shamanic lineage of the Four Winds Society.


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