Tarot on a Tangent: Connecting with Your Inner Empress by Psychic Shannon

Date 5/22/2023
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More than just a powerful divination tool, tarot can be useful in meditations to help bring more positive traits into your life. Psychic Source Advisor Shannon will guide you through a journey to meet and work with your inner Empress.

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By Psychic Shannon x9081

Tarot Card Meditation Techniques

If you have decided to meditate with tarot cards, here are some helpful ideas for you. Keep in mind that every meditation is personal to the individual doing the meditation. You will find your own rhythm and ways of meditating as you go along.  For now, just relax and enjoy!
1. Select your day and time for meditation.
Decide how much time you have for your meditation. Twice a week from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.?  That's wonderful! Set that time aside just for you.  Early in the morning while the family is sleeping and before everything gets busy? It might be the perfect time.  Pick a time when you can relax and get in touch with the tarot cards and your inner self.
2.  Choose your meditation place.
Where are you most comfortable in your home?  Where do you feel safe and serene?  Choose that spot for your meditation, whether it is your favorite chair or a shady spot in the garden. Make yourself comfortable and get ready to relax!
3.  Select the tarot card you wish to use during the meditation.
Consider selecting a different card for each meditation, working your way through the deck. You will gain insight and a new understanding of the cards this way.  Or make your meditation more personal.  Choose a particular card that has meaning in your life at this time. Hold the card for a minute or two.  Let the image flow gently into your being and into your life.
4.  Light a candle or burn incense.
If you enjoy scented candles or incense, now is the time to indulge the senses! Pick a scent that soothes you and let the smoke lift your thoughts into the spiritual realm.  If you wish to use a timer for your meditation, set it now.
5.  Clear your mind.
Allow the world to drift away.  Now is the time to clear your mind and suspend worries and thoughts. Don't try to force this, simply let it happen. See yourself as a clean slate, with nothing written there to disturb you. Breathe deeply and relax.
6.  Envision your tarot card.
Let the image of your chosen card float across your mind.  See the colors, the picture, and the details.  If a spiritual message comes to you during your meditation, accept it as it is given to you.  This may be in words or simple images.  Their meaning may be important to you later.
7.  End your meditation peacefully.
If you have set a timer, give yourself a minute to awaken slowly. Otherwise, take your time to emerge from your meditation.  There is no hurry.  Go forward into your day with a sense of relaxation and a new awareness of the tarot. Be at peace with yourself and the world.

In my podcast, we look deeply into the Empress card. The Empress tarot card represents female fertility and the creative process when it is in the upright position. The image on the card is shown as a beautiful lady, crowned and largely pregnant.  The Empress is the mother figure, the one who brings life into the world, and who nurtures creativity.  She embodies our feminine side, the soft, warm, giving side of each of us. The Empress is the ideal mother and represents the powerful influence of women in this world. She is the image of the supreme female power!

The Empress in the reversed, or upside down position, is weakened and lessened in power. It may be difficult to get in touch with your feminine or creative side if the Empress is reversed in your cards. Your own female power or energy may be drained or you may have a creative block. You may find it difficult to birth new ideas, and projects, or you may be dealing with a lack of fertility in other ways.
If the Empress is reversed often in your cards consider doing a meditation with the card in the upright position. 

Remember, you aren't limited to meditating with just one card. This same meditation can be adapted to use with other archetypes of the tarot.  As you may know, the tarot represents a spiritual journey of life.  You can choose a tarot card for meditation that represents your stage on that spiritual journey.  The card you pick can make the archetype meditation very personal to you.

I hope you have found some inspiration today for your own personal meditation with the Empress archetype of the tarot.  I wish you a wonderful meditation.

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