Tarot on a Tangent: Connecting with Your Inner Empress by Psychic Shannon

Published Date 7/30/2018
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More than just a powerful divination tool, tarot can be useful in meditations to help bring more positive traits into your life. Psychic Source Advisor Shannon will guide you through a journey to meet and work with your inner Empress.

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By Psychic Shannon x9081

In my podcast, we look deeply into the Empress card, but this same meditation can be adapted to use with other archetypes of the tarot.  As you may know, the tarot represents a spiritual journey of life.  You can choose a tarot card for meditation that represents your stage on that spiritual journey.  The card you pick can make the archetype meditation very personal to you.

Let's look at three tarot cards you might select for meditation.  The following three are excellent choices, especially if you are just beginning to use the tarot cards this way.

The Fool
The first card I'd recommend is the Fool.  This is also the first card in the Tarot.  The Fool card is the archetype of a young, innocent person, just beginning their journey in life.  Most tarot decks show the Fool standing on a cliff, with one foot stepping over the edge and the other foot still on the ground.  The Fool is trying to decide whether to take a chance or move back to safety. We can find ourselves in this position at any time in life, no matter our real age.  Should we take a chance or stick with what we know?  This is perfectly represented by the archetype of the Fool.  Meditate on the Fool card and let it help you choose a new path in life or make an important decision.

The Magician
Our next card is the Magician.  The Magician card is an archetype of a person who is diplomatic, knowledgeable, and maybe even a little crafty!  He takes the knowledge he has acquired and puts it to use to improve his life.  The Magician can always find interesting and clever ways to get what he wants. If you identify with this archetype you may be a very powerful person in your own right.  Choose the Magician card for a meditation when you need to find solutions in your life.  Let this intriguing archetype help you find a way to utilize your own power and ability!

The Emperor
The final card today is the Emperor.  This card is the perfect archetype of male power and energy.  The Emperor represents strength and control.  Do you know someone, most usually a male, who has those qualities? If so, they are assertive, and like to be in control, both in their life, and maybe even yours!  Choose the Emperor card for meditation if you have questions or issues regarding power and control.  This might be in yourself or someone close to you.  It is an excellent example of the strong male energies and a wonderful card for meditation.

I hope you have found some inspiration today for your own personal mediations with the archetypes of the tarot.  I wish you a wonderful meditation.

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