Tarot for Divination by Psychic Tina Lee

Published Date 1/15/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The cards tell a story and provide information about the future

I have been psychic Advisor longer than I have been a Tarot card reader but not by much.  Soon after my abilities began,  I was drawn toward the Tarot.  The cards not only told me a story. They emanated a energy that gave me a personal message meant for my clients to hear.  Energy just flowed from the cards through my fingertips. Images, feelings and thoughts and plans all flooded into my head.  The flow was effortless and natural.

It overwhelmed me at first, but as I began to adjust to the energy I began to speak, words flying from my lips as if I weren't speaking at all.  It was a truly amazing thing and I quickly became very good at it.  I looked forward to quieting my mind down and allow those images to flow.  

Sometimes I speak too quickly in a reading because the information comes in such a rush; I am just trying to keep up with it.  It's like I'm a glass, and I am being filled up with information.  It's quite exhilarating to experience this rush of information.  When my reading is resonating with a client it's like the air around me becomes almost electric.  

The Tarot works for some and not others, but I truly feel it is the best tool of divination out there. I encourage all of you to reach for a beautiful deck of Tarot cards and see if they speak to you.  As always, I am here to assist and would be honored to do so.

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