Start developing your Psychic Skills by noticing colors and themese.

Published Date 7/1/2012
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Start developing your Psychic Skills!

In my previous Developing your Psychic skills article, I introduced you to the idea of writing down key words of your dreams before you even lift your head from your pillow.
In part 2 I reviewed how to journal the first 2 of 4 key areas:  feelings and emotions.  This week’s article will discuss journaling colors and the theme of your dreams. 

Can you see colors?  Did you know that only about 3% of human beings dream in color?  Be careful when you awake and record your dreams to pay attention to the colors.  Most often, we know that grass is green and the sky is blue (or black at night) so we subconsciously fill in those colors.  Try to remember what color clothes you had on, the color of the chair in the room, etc.  Pick out one or two items that you don’t readily recognize and see if you can remember the color.  For me, the items in color are the important items.  Most everything is in shades of grey and then there’s the pink elephant.  My first thought is, what’s an elephant doing in my living room.  Then I realize it’s a pink elephant.  The fact that I see the elephant in color is now very significant.

Pay very close attention to symbols and places that recur. It may not be obvious at first.  About once a week go through your journal and review that week’s dreams.  Are you in an attic or a basement more often than not?  Are churches prevalent in the background of several dreams?  Do you have a pink elephant showing up in odd places at odd times? It can simply be that some dreams are in color and others are not.  When a pattern is discerned, link those dreams together.  They are each a chapter of a single dreamscape.  You will be surprised how differently the dream is interpreted once you connect the pieces of the puzzle.  The shift can be subtle or it can be dramatic. 

As a beginner, pay close attention to those dreams that have a theme and/or a repeating symbol or color.  Mark them in your journal and write down the theme/symbol in your index area.  Create 4 columns:  1) date of the dream, 2) theme or symbol, 3) colors and 4) recurring. Columns 3 and 4 (Colors and recurring) can be a simple yes/no, so make them narrow columns at the far right of the page.   Leave several lines of space between each of your symbols or themes, so that a week or month from now, if that symbol or theme is repeated you can add it to the index, immediately below the first occurrence.

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