Start developing your Psychic Skills by keeping a journal.

Published Date 6/10/2012
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Start developing your Psychic skills!

Everyone has psychic abilities.  Like athletes or scholars, some people are more naturally talented than others.  But everyone can learn how to develop our natural talents to the best of our ability.  This week’s article on developing your psychic skills will concentrate on dreams.

We’ve all experienced what we call a “gut feeling” or certain premonitions.  We’ve all had dreams that feel so real that we wake up sweating, or breathing heavy, or crying and sometimes laughing.  The key to tapping into your psychic skills is to trust those feelings.  That’s the doorway to your psychic ability. 

Start keeping a journal.
Write down your dreams.  It’s best to get into a daily habit.  Have a paper and pencil – or better yet a small micro recorder – next to your bed.  When you wake up, whether or not you actually remember a dream start developing the habit of taking 1 minute to write before lifting your head from the pillow.  If you don’t remember any dreams, simply write “I don’t remember any dreams today”.

Journaling dreams. 
This takes a bit of practice.  Why?  Because every movement you make erases a little bit of the dream.  If you have to get out of bed, find a paper and pencil, sit down and start writing 50% to 75% of the dream is gone before you start.  Having the necessary tools nearby so that you don’t even have to lift your head from the pillow will help you retain much more of the details of the dream.  Writing, although we’ve done it most of our lives, requires muscle movement – and every movement will move you closer and closer to full consciousness. Therefore, using a micro cassette recorder is even better.

When I first started using the recorder, I had to think about how to turn it on “record” in the dark.  The first week or so, I didn’t record more than I did, simply because I hit the wrong buttons.  It wasn’t as natural to me as writing.  However, I can now put the recorder under my pillow, I know exactly which buttons to press to record and I can go right back to sleep.  This way, I record more dreams and in the morning when I rewind and listen to my recording I am often surprised by what I hear.  Even though I don’t always remember all of the dreams I’ve recorded, I can often remember them after listening to my semi-conscious recording.  It reconnects me to the dream and I am able to recall a lot more than when I first awoke. 

Whether you use pencil and paper, or a recorder, jot down the key images and feelings.  Don’t try to analyze and the finer details are not necessary at this point.  We just want 5 to 10 key words to help jog our memory in the morning.

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