Should You Fear the Tower Card? by Psychic Alise

Published Date 8/21/2013
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As scary as the Tower card looks, it might not have a negative meaning for every person.

I’m an optimistic, cup half-full, type of woman. Therefore, when I see the Tower card in a tarot reading I encourage the client not to freak out; just ride the wave and all will be well.

Admittedly, the Tower is a scary looking card! Lightning strikes and people falling out of the building can be daunting. Not very comforting.
Throughout history we have viewed buildings as safe havens, when in all actuality they can give us a false sense of security. Our belief systems do the same. We’ve been programed since childhood to mirror our parents, religion, society and even socio-economic status. We believe what we’re taught is our truth and is unshakeable. Not so fast…

Take a good look at yourself and ask: Is the world I live in the same one as my parents when they were my age?  Does their old paradigm still work? Do my beliefs allow me freedom or restrict me from my true happiness? 

We can go on and on with the self-evaluations. And truly we should. I have found the Tower shows up in readings when the Universe has tried to get our attention in too many ways which we have ignored. When subtlety no longer works, Spirit gets drastic and all hell breaks loose. Hence, the Tower shows up as a final warning.

So, once it’s here let’s take a look at what’s really happening. Yes it’s chaotic. However, it’s purging us of old and outdated belief systems. You say you’re not strong enough to get through the turmoil, but the truth is, you are! Part of the lesson is to make you stronger and to recognize when change is needed in your life! And this change is always about living our own personal truth.

I see the Tower as a blessing (although a hard earned one). When the Temperance and Strength cards show up in your readings be more aware of what’s going on around you. These are subtle warnings that change is necessary, whether it’s in your love life, career or even mental state. I believe we all have a strong sense of self-preservation, so don’t ignore those feelings if something isn’t right. That change is needed because chances are, once ignored, the Tower is going to pay you a visit!
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