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Share Your Summer Memories!

Published Date 8/28/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

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The long lazy days of summer are coming to an end…but the memories will live on! Summer allows our inner child to be released to play, grow and embrace the fun brought by the summer sun. It's a time of awakening, where we can reconnect with ourselves, friends and discover new experiences. We're bolder somehow, playing longer in the merry sunshine. Did you discover something amazing this summer?

Share Your Summer Memories on Facebook
At Psychic Source, we love to hear from our community and to celebrate Summer we’re offering a special promotion to those who join in! Share your stories on our Facebook Wall today and receive a promo code for participating in our end of the Summer Celebration!

Did you travel this summer? Post your pictures or tell us where you discovered along the way!

Did you fall in love? Replay the scene for us!

Learn anything new this season? Tell us what your new hobby entails and how it’s progressing.

Start meditating, doing spiritual walks or reconnect with your soul? Inspire us with your awakening!

Join us today on Facebook for a special promotion and relive your summer memories!


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