Seeking comfort from the other side after losing a pet

Published Date 2/26/2013
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Seeking comfort from the other side after losing a pet

There's nothing more heartbreaking than losing a pet, especially if it was due to a tragedy. Many people consider their pets to be family members, which can yield an extensive period of grieving in the event of a death.

However, some people believe that it's possible to communicate with their deceased pets through psychic readings, and more people are doing so to find peace of mind. This can be incredibly helpful to those who lose animals unexpectedly, according to

"People seek this type of service to receive some comfort," Virginia Bowen, a human/animal studies researcher in Austin, Texas, told the news source. "It might give them some answers and control over things we often do not have control over. Some of these communicators might be able to provide that."

If you recently lost a pet and you need closure, you might want to consider speaking to a psychic medium who specializes in animal readings. After your session, you may gain the comfort you need to move on with your life, knowing that your pet is content on the other side.

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