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Science Meets the Psychic by Psychic Bridgette

Date 12/7/2015

Jupiter as entered Leo. How will this affect your sign?

Jupiter as entered Leo. How will this affect your sign?

There’s little opposition that everything in the physical world consists of energy, from the atom and its particles on up.  There’s also little argument that energy is everywhere—most of us agree on this.  It’s inexhaustible and timeless.  

Since anything that appears to be solid is simply a concentration of energy, the barrier between the spiritual and the material world is not as formidable as it may seem.  We’re all bathed in this limitless force of energy, so it’s reasonable to believe that we can make contact with it and draw on its inexhaustible power if we open ourselves fully to it.  
Three of the world’s greatest inventors, Thomas A. Edison, Guglielmo Marconi, and Nikola Tesla all believed the same thing—that someday it would be possible to invent a device to converse with the dead.  In fact, in 1920, Scientific American published an interview with Edison in which he was quoted as saying, “I have been thinking for some time of a machine or apparatus which could be operated by personalities who have passed on to another existence or sphere.”  Later in the interview, he added that he hoped to be able to complete the machine “before many months.”  Edison never did complete it, although recent experiments in Europe and the United States are showing persuasive evidence of such a development.  

Edison was also quoted as saying, “Before we reach the point where this is possible we must elevate our awareness to become attuned to the spiritual forces beyond the five senses.”
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DieLiebeIstSeltsam: Both the scientific and spiritual worlds fascinate and drive me to being who and what I am. The thought of being in the advent of an era which has both fields skating alongside each other so closely, in fact now closer than ever before, excites me and renders me even thirstier for more knowledge about the possibility of the unification of both fields into one in the very near future. The world as we know it, would not only benefit, but thrive upon the massive change that the marriage of both fields would finally bring to the the blatant questions posed to the Universe about the dawn of our existence, amongst others, and will finally herald the map of the journey of the human and spiritual race as we all, in our different dimensions, make our ways to our Source, as was the plan since our creation and procreation began. Great article, Bridgette.

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