Sapphire may help you tap into your intuition

Published Date 3/19/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Sapphire may help you tap into your intuition

There are numerous stones with healing properties that you may not be aware of, and one of them might be right in your own necklace or ring. Gemstones are not only known for being beautiful, but possessing powers that can be beneficial to those who hold them.

One gem that you might already have is sapphire. This stone, which is often found in a deep ocean blue hue, is thought to help ward off evil spirits. If you feel that you could use more protection from negative energy in your life, this might be the gem for you.

Sapphire is also thought to bring wisdom to those who hold it. If you want to tap further into your intuition, this might be the key to doing so - sapphire is thought to help individuals receive more insight from above easily.

This gem isn't the only one believed to have special properties - onyx, emerald and quartz are all on the list of metaphysical stones as well. To learn more about gemstone powers and crystal readings, consider speaking to your psychic advisor. A psychic chat can give you more insight into which stones are worth keeping close to you at all times.

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