Remembering and Understanding Your Dreams

Published Date 8/27/2018
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How well do you understand your dreams?

Waking from a confusing dream can be an awkward start to your day. On the one hand, you are trying to figure out if you’re receiving messages from your Angels or Guides, and the other you’re just confused! Knowing the different symbols and images can be a life-long study. And to make it worse, not every image is going to mean the same for every person. 

To a person who loves dogs, an image of a dog running free could mean loyalty, childhood, or your untamed desires. To someone who has a fear of dogs, it can mean trauma, fear, or being hunted. So obviously a one-size-fits-all answer written in a book or website isn’t going to know your mind or feelings. 

Yet understanding your dreams can help you understand what is going on in the inner workings of your mind. And some dreams are just your imagination telling you stories! Many authors say their best ideas for books come from seeds they remembered from nocturnal musings! 

How Do You Know What Your Subconscious is Saying?
Your psychic advisor can help. Many of us have spent years not only learning the language of symbols that the subconscious brain communicates with, but we know the right kinds of questions to ask you so that you can understand your dreams. And with the help of our Guides and Angels, we can often provide additional insight. 

3 Ways to Help Remember Your Dreams

1 – Write It Down.
A great way to start remembering your dreams when you first wake is to keep a notepad and pen or pencil next to your bed. If you have trouble remembering, you can jot down notes and bits on the paper and piece things together after you are thinking somewhat more clearly. Your notes don’t even need to be in full sentences, you can just write notes of the symbols that stick with you through the fog of waking up.

2 – Track Your Sleep Cycles.
Also, people generally sleep in 90 min sleep cycles. Tracking your sleep cycles can help you wake during the time you are dreaming and jot them down more effectively. Just don’t cut into your healthy sleep! There are several Smartwatch/Fitness Bands and apps to help you track your sleep cycles you can try out. 

3 – Set Intentions. 
Another way to remember your dreams is to go to sleep at night with the intention of remembering them. Positive affirmations like “I will remember my dreams in the morning” as you fall asleep can go a long way towards remembering and writing down your dream symbols. Just remember, you would be very unhealthy if you had no dreams at all, so why not understand the conversation going on in your dreams? Your life will flow smoother and your subconscious will thank you!

Pleasant Dreams! 

Ready to talk or chat with a psychic advisor about understanding your dreams?  Please connect with one of our many gifted dream interpreters. They are here for you day and night!
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