Remembering and Understanding Your Dreams

Date 2/1/2023
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How well do you understand your dreams?

How well do you understand your dreams?

Waking from a confusing dream can be an awkward start to your day. On the one hand, you are trying to figure out if you’re receiving messages from your Angels or Guides, and on the other, you’re just confused! Understanding different symbols and dream meanings can be a life-long study. And to make it worse, not every image is going to mean the same for every person. 

To a person who loves dogs, an image of a dog running free could mean loyalty, childhood, or untamed desires. To someone who has a fear of dogs, it can mean trauma, fear, or being hunted. So obviously a one-size-fits-all answer isn’t going to know your mind or feelings the way a skilled psychic dream interpreter will. 

Yet understanding your dreams can help you understand what is going on in the inner workings of your mind. In your sleeping state, your mind is often open to messages that you miss when you're awake. During the daytime, it's easy to get distracted by all the input you're receiving from the world around you. Asleep, communications from other planes or spiritual levels may have an easier time coming through. You may even learn how to dream to help you find lost or missing items in your life. It's true that some dreams are just your imagination telling you stories, as many authors whose best ideas for books come from seeds they remembered from their dreams will say. But some of the best dreams are signs from the Universe or even visits from departed loved ones or pets.

The Spiritual Value of Dreaming

Dreams can give you access to different levels of your consciousness, allow you to receive messages from these different levels of your being, and even help process information. Even more significantly, dreams offer a way to access the spiritual realm, astral travel, and even visit parallel universes
The problem is that dreams most often use pictures, symbols, and feelings to communicate. The messages in dreams are often cryptic and hard for the average person to understand. There are different theories about why, but most point to the idea that written and spoken language is a tool and creation of the conscious mind, and the subconscious uses a more universal language. 

Your psychic advisor can help you decode your dreams. Many of us have spent years not only learning the language of symbols that the subconscious brain communicates with, but we know the right kinds of questions to ask you so that you can understand your dreams. And with the help of our Guides and Angels, we can often provide additional insight. 

How to Remember Your Dreams

Have you ever had a really interesting dream that is so vivid that you can’t tell if you’re asleep or awake? Then, you wake up and the dream quickly fades from your memory as you hop in the shower and get dressed. By the time you go to eat your breakfast, you’ve probably forgotten that you had a dream at all. Unfortunately, that’s what happens to most people after they dream. However, you can increase your ability to recall your dreams with these five tips.

Frequently Remind Yourself to Remember Your Dreams

People forget more dreams than they remember, which is partially because they don’t have any plans to remember them. If you frequently remind yourself to remember your dreams, you’ll be more conscious of when you dream and make it a point to remember them. For instance, every time you look at your watch, tell yourself, “I’m going to remember my dreams tonight.” You’ll be surprised at the power of suggestion.

Set the Intention to Dream

Go to sleep at night with the intention of remembering your dreams. Positive affirmations like “I will remember my dreams in the morning” as you fall asleep can help. Your intentions are critical if you're hoping to receive a psychic message. Use a mantra, poem, or prayer to communicate your desires to the divine. Let the universe know that you're looking for psychic communications in your dreams by stating this message aloud before you go to bed. This will set the wheels in motion for any guides that are interested in contacting you while getting your own mind in the proper state for psychic dreaming as well.

Drink a Dream Tea

There are several herbal remedies that can enhance your intuition and increase the chance of having significant psychic dreams. Mugwort, chamomile, lavender, calea zachatechichi, and valerian root are common choices. Try sipping one of these soothing blends before bed to encourage psychic messages in your dream state.

Use a Dream Pillow

If you don't enjoy tea, the same herbs that you might drink to enhance your psychic dreams can also be used in a fragrant dream pillow. Fill a sachet with these ingredients and sew it int

Track Your Sleep Cycles

People generally sleep in 90 min sleep cycles. Tracking your sleep cycles can help you wake up during the time you are dreaming and jot them down more effectively. Just don’t cut into your healthy sleep! There are several Smartwatch/Fitness Bands and apps to help you track your sleep cycles you can try out. Some people only remember their dreams when they wake up at an unusual time of night. However, some people are the opposite and remember dreams when they wake up naturally without an alarm clock. Determine which method works best for you to increase the chance of remembering your dreams. For instance, you could set your alarm for 5 AM instead of 6 to see if you remember your dreams better.

Take a Nap

When you’re really tired, and you drift off into REM sleep, you are much less likely to remember your dreams when you wake up. However, dreams during a short nap are the easiest to remember, especially if you never make it to a REM state. Try taking a nap in the middle of the day to see if you can recall your dreams better.

o a small pillow that you can keep beside you as you sleep. Inhaling the scent from the pillow can help you get into the appropriate state of mind for psychic dreams.

Clear Your Mind

Mental clutter can get in the way of a clear and meaningful psychic experience. If you have a lot on your mind, pour it into a journal before bed. As part of your before-bed ritual, review some of your previous entries, paying attention to any dream symbolism or notes. This can help you pick up where you left off or get more clarification on a message. Evening meditation may help as well, so you have a clean slate awaiting any important psychic messages.

Write Down Your Dreams as Soon as You Get Up

The easiest way to remember your dreams is to write them down as soon as you get up. Don’t take a bathroom break, get dressed, or do anything else until you’ve recorded everything you can remember.  Some people like to leave a recorder on their nightstand and then just speak into it as soon as they get up; others just keep a pen and pad nearby to write down their dreams. Do whatever works best for you. Your notes don’t even need to be in full sentences, you can just write notes of the symbols that stick with you through the fog of waking up. As you get into the habit of writing down your dreams, you’ll get better at remembering them.

Use your senses to capture important details in your dream journal. Here are some dream journal prompts:
  • Are you fearful in your dream? What did it feel like? Was it scary, ominous, or happy and light-hearted? Was it hot, cold, or neutral? 
  • Was it painful or pleasurable?
  • What did it look like? Are there colors in your dreams?  If so, is there a certain color that stands out more than others? Is it daylight or nighttime in your dream? Were the scenes played out in the darkness, black-and-white, sepia, fog, or mist, or did they look like everyday life or enhanced light and color?
  • What did it sound like? Was it mute, loud, hollow, or echoing?
  • What did it smell like or taste like? Often these senses do not play a part in dreams, but when they do they often stand out drastically. 
  • Who or what was involved? Are there people in your dream?  Do you recognize them or not? Nouns are often key details, especially ones you directly interact with or whose actions you are directly affected by. Was it a relative, friend, foe, stranger, pet, wild animal, or object?
  • Do you feel out of control about your future or your destiny in your dream?
    Are you worried about your finances, relationship, health, etc.?
    Are you driving a vehicle, are you a passenger in a motor vehicle, is your body flying, or are you walking/running?

    Repetition is often used as a signpost. It’s the subconscious’ way of saying PAY ATTENTION! Repetition of an event, symbol, or object is often a detail or message that cannot be ignored.

Try this guided meditation to help you prepare for dream time. With practice, you may find that you can slip into a peaceful and lucid dream state easily. Pleasant Dreams! 

When a dream psychic is provided with details of your dream they can connect with your subconscious mind. This allows them to reveal the hidden messages your intuitive self has been whispering to you while you sleep. Ready to talk or chat with a psychic advisor about understanding your dreams?  Please connect with one of our many gifted dream interpreters. They are here for you day and night!


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