Reclaiming the Word "Psychic"

Date 5/26/2021

Can The Word "Psychic" be Reclaimed?

In this video, Psychic Source Advisors share their personal struggles with the word "psychic" and how they have come to define their work and gifts. They speak candidly about what the social stigma against psychics means to them, and how they personally view themselves as gifted individuals.

The word "psychic" has for centuries been misunderstood and maligned, caricatured, and used against both those people born with gifts as well as those who seek out their counsel. And there are enough examples of con artists out there to make anyone, not just skeptics, dismiss the most gifted individuals for fear of being scammed.  Sadly, many gifted individuals don't develop their gifts, out of fear that by sharing their inner 'knowing' they will be excluded or stigmatized. Yet our top Advisors explain that everyone has some level of psychic ability innately within them, that there is nothing inherently wrong with using one's gifts to help others, and that they are deeply motivated by the desire to help others. While some of our Advisors prefer to use words like "spiritual counselor","intuitive", or "lightworker" to define their professional identity, others, like Moira, want to reclaim the word "psychic," from the Greek, meaning "of the soul."

Working to end the stigma

At Psychic Source, we have worked tirelessly for over 30 years, to professionalize the industry and bring about change to public perception. We have taken the lead in developing a professional Code of Ethics, a rigorous screening and quality assurance program, and Satisfaction Guarantee. Why? Because we believe in our community of professional, authentic and ethical psychics and we stand behind the authentic psychic readings they deliver. This is our pledge. As psychic Advisor Narnia concludes, "By demanding high standards, and integrity, and ethics from all of the readers on the line, I think it's a huge way to help bring that positive energy to the word "psychic."

Video Transcript

Sadia: I can't stand the word "psychic". I don't like it at all.

Narnia: It is such a hot-button word. It is so misunderstood and so maligned in so many different ways.

Leslie: There's a lot of mystique around it. I think there's also a great deal of fear around it.

Moira: There are many other words that can point to the same word, "healer", "intuitive", "seer".

Renee Marie: So I would prefer the word "intuitive gifts", "intuitive skills".

Delia: I prefer to think of myself as a light worker or an energy worker.

Seraphina: It's just someone who is tapped into that higher vibration, and is able to easily access their higher self.

Renee Marie: So when you speak to an intuitive person, you're speaking to Spirit. We just channel that information to you.

Delia: We're working in the light of the aura of the person that you're reading.

Moira: I think that what Psychic Source is trying to do, and what we have managed to do, is to reclaim that word, which really is a word, "psychic", from the Greek meaning "of the soul". And we, as intuitive people, must reclaim that word.

Narnia: By demanding high standards, and integrity, and ethics from all of the readers on the line, I think it's a huge way to help bring that positive energy to the word "psychic".

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