Real vs Paranormal: My REAL LIFE Halloween Story by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 10/29/2014
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Talk about a real, scary ghost story!

Author's Photo by Indigo x8897

Since it’s getting closer to Halloween, I wanted to share my own personal ghost story!

I have this issue where I’m drawn into certain rental properties which end up being haunted. Of course as a medium, I am haunted by the afterlife, but these properties are different. I’m always pulled to the spot that needs some sort of spiritual cleansing to get rid of negative energies and/or negative spirits.

I happened to come across this affordable, spacious apartment in the big city with wood floors, huge windows, and a brick wall. You could tell the complex was older with small, three story brick buildings having six apartments in each building. The fact that the apartment was down to earth, an easy set up for perfect Feng Shui, and was surrounded by a natural ecosystem is what really pulled me in.

Do I feel these negative entities at first? No! Never! Negative Spirits are always in disguise for me in the beginning.

Given a few months of living there, I started noticing things moving around my apartment. Lights would be turned on when I knew I had turned them off, my keys were constantly misplaced, and I never could find my name tag for work. I always had to get a new one!

I started having this feeling that a fire had happened in the apartment. Sure enough, not too long after this feeling, a water leak in the bathroom revealed burnt spots above the ceiling proving the fire did happen at some point. So of course, now I know it’s haunted. I burned some sage and tried to help the spirit cross over.

Around this time of year in October (when the spiritual veil is thinnest and spirits become more active) I woke up to what looked like a tall figure in a black hooded sweatshirt walking through the hallway in front of my bedroom door. I could hear the footsteps of large boots across the wood floor. Knowing this place was haunted, my first reaction was to walk into the living room, grab a white candle, place it on my bedroom night stand, say a blessing, and light it up! I climbed back in bed, still hearing the footsteps all through the apartment. I felt that it was leaving and went to sleep.

I woke up early in the morning and looked to my nightstand, and to my surprise the white candle had not burned all the way through, but had been put out with water. In thinking about it, I don’t know any spirits that can physically put out a white candle with water!

My conclusion is, psychics don’t always see or feel everything, and this man in my apartment was very REAL! I am pretty sure it was the manager snooping around. He was extremely afraid of anyone coming into his own apartment. However, it was still a terrifying experience to know that what I thought was a spirit, was actually a living MAN! Luckily, I knew he was leaving!

Happy Halloween!


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