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Published Date 5/5/2017
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Real Psychics You Can Trust

We accept only psychics who are truly gifted and dedicated to helping others, and we put all applicants through a rigorous screening process. Applicants are tested for accuracy by professional psychic recruiters who have interviewed thousands of psychics and know how to spot a real gift. Other services screen applicants too; most services stop there. We take it a step further.

Ongoing quality standards are not left up to chance
We established the industry's first ongoing QA program that evaluates the quality of our readings on an ongoing basis, and we investigate all customer feedback. No other psychic service, and certainly not individual practitioners, are subject to regular and rigorous review. That's a benefit Psychic Source offers that you won't find anywhere else.

It's all about the connection
Not every psychic can connect with every client. We understand this, which is why we ask our Advisors to tell you right away if they are not getting an energetic hit. We want you to feel comfortable trying new Advisors, so if you don't feel the connection right away, please disconnect and inform our Customer Care staff so that they can put the time back on your account to try another Advisor. We all - staff and Advisors - want you to get the best reading you can, with information you can use, and insight and guidance you can't find anywhere else. That's our our promise - and our guarantee
- to you!


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