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Published Date 9/6/2013
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Letting the Advisor know your situation right away will improve your reading.

There’s a pause on the line, followed by, “I thought you would just tell me.”

This is not an uncommon exchange. This happens when I ask the caller a question about the circumstance that has motivated her to pick up the phone. 

I’ll ask “What’s your sense of what’s going on?” Or, “what did you say in your last exchange?” Things are now at a turning point, where there’s a chance that a deeper understanding of this situation will develop.

Psychics are not omniscient. Advisors do not ‘know everything.’ Such folks instead offer a heightened sensitivity to the dynamics of a given situation. We see, hear and/or feel what is happening with a person or a relationship in a way others might not be consciously aware of.

How a particular psychic uses these gifts does of course vary. Many of us find it helpful to have callers explain their situation as a reading begins. This helps us intuitively ‘locate’ the circumstance under consideration. Once located, we let our awareness sink into and explore what’s going on. Here we begin to see, hear and/or feel in the way described above. Here, in other words, a caller starts to receive the insight and perspective that motivated the call in the first place.

This dynamic has a couple of implications that are important to understand. First, advisors will very often as questions, especially at the beginning of a call. This is because, second, psychic readings can require much more collaboration than ‘just telling.’ Readings involve a back and forth, a give and take that draws both parties deeper into the situation under consideration. Put another way, readings require a relationship.

With this understood, the difficult pause described above evaporates. In its place comes a mutual sense that we’re doing something together. And this sense, in my experience, lay at the root of the best readings I’ve ever been a part of.
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