Raising Your Personal Vibration: Part 4 - How to Have an Amazing Psychic Experience by Psychic Arabella

Published Date 9/28/2016
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How do you prepare for a psychic reading?

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Welcome back to Part Four of a Four-Part Series on Raising Your Personal Vibration!

We all have a personal vibration that causes us to feel wonderful when it is high and awful when it is low. Because people's vibrations affect one another, communication works best when both people are functioning at a higher vibration. Before a psychic reading, most psychics prepare through meditation, by connecting with their spirit guides, or by other ways that work for them. That preparation raises their vibration. You can prepare as well!

By raising your vibration prior to receiving a psychic reading, you can assure that you and your psychic will have an amazing experience.

Set Your Intention
The most important way to raise your vibration prior to a reading is to set your intention. You need to know why you are asking for this reading. Even if it is a general reading without specific questions, you should know the intent of why you called. If the intent is to help you or to gain understanding, then you are on the right track. Keep the intent positive and your vibration will stay up. This will allow you to receive exactly the information that you are meant to receive. 

Be Prepared
Next, you should be prepared for any information that you receive. It may not be what you want to hear, so you must be prepared ahead of time. Meditation can help with this. You can also call on your spirit guides or your angels to be with you. Connecting with them raises your vibration and also provides you with comfort. Remembering that you have free will can also help you to receive any information that comes your way because free will allows you to make a conscience decision to change the course of what a psychic sees for you. 

Do Something You Enjoy
Finally, participate in something that you enjoy prior to your reading. It can be singing a song, playing a game you love, texting a friend, and the list goes on and on. Doing something that you enjoy helps to raise your vibration and helps your general attitude shift toward positivity. This positivity leads to a higher vibration and your psychic will more easily be able to connect with you. If you go into a reading with a negative mindset, it will be more difficult for you to receive information of any type. 

Having an amazing psychic reading where you truly understand what your psychic is sharing with you is empowering and can help you to move forward in life confidently. Raising your vibration prior to the reading helps immensely. 

When you and your psychic are both at a higher vibration, the connection is stronger and you will truly feel satisfied. 

Even when you do not hear what you want to hear, if you are prepared, you can handle anything. Please continue on your journey of practicing to raise your vibration so you can lead a most wonderful and enjoyable life.

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