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Published Date 2/23/2017
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Ask a Psychic "How" rather than "When".

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When people think psychics they automatically think future, forecasting and fortune telling. What people don’t realize is that their perspective on the future and a psychic’s perspective on the future are not necessarily the same.

Many people believe life to be like a roller-coaster ride. They think it is one path, full of ups and downs, and ending in the same inevitable place you started from. This is just one theory of how life goes. 

Every Psychic is Unique
Every psychic’s gift and perspective is as unique as they are. I see the future as something that is in constant flux, and all futures are real and represented on some dimensional plane. I also see the future as a conglomeration of probabilities and an ever-changing entity. This is what I’m getting at. 

If you are to ask me, “Will I be rich this year?” I will look at your current future projection and give the answer. I may say, “No, I don’t see you being rich this year.” This statement does not conclude that you aren’t or can’t be rich this year. I’m saying as things are currently going you being rich is unlikely this year. 

Asking the Right Questions
In my opinion questions like these are the wrong questions to ask. A better question would be, “What can I do to increase my chances of becoming rich this year?” I may still answer with, “Your likelihood of being rich this year is low.” But it also comes with this little bonus, “If you start practicing psycho-cybernetics and change your belief pattern from, ‘You have to have money to make money.’ into ‘There’s great opportunity for me with what I have now.’ then there will be a job advancement opportunity in the fall and you are likely to be rich within three years.” 

Turn Dreams into Reality
Do you see how different those two readings are and how differently they can make you feel? The first question leaves you feeling like your dream of being rich is futile. The second question shows you how to make your dream a reality. It’s important to ask the right questions for you. If you are a proactive person it is a little silly to ask “when” questions. I encourage people to ask “how.” 

So how can a psychic help you today…?

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