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Published Date 9/29/2017
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Numerology in psychic readings can give psychics a snapshot of someone's personality, open up blockages, and more.

Numerology is the study of numbers and the interpretation of how those numbers affect one's life and influence events. Psychics use numerology to guide their readings. They analyze the numbers to determine the patterns and events that are likely to occur in the future. Understanding numerology enhances psychic readings in the following ways.

Getting a Quick Snapshot

Numerology can give the psychic a quick insight into someone's disposition and personality. It can also indicate what is currently happening in someone's life. A lot of psychic phone readings rely on numerology. Psychics look at someone's birth path number and destiny number. To calculate the birth number, add each digit of the birth date continuously until it reduces to a single number between 1 and 9. The destiny number is calculated the same way but by using numbers that correspond to the letters in the person's name.

From this, one can calculate the master number and power number. These individual numbers have their own spiritual meaning and determine someone's life path. If the numbers work out to 11, 22, or 33, these are master numbers and hold enormous significance. These people often have special gifts, are highly inspirational, or become dynamic leaders. Power numbers also give insight into someone's life path. For example, power number 1 signifies independent personalities and 3 indicates creative types. So right off the bat, the psychic has a good idea of what makes the person tick.

Identify Blockages

Numerology readings can help identify certain blockages in someone's life. The numbers may show the opposite of the client's characteristics. You may find this confusing, thinking the numbers are wrong. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the numerology is incorrect. Instead, this usually shows that the client is resisting certain things. This resistance and blockages can be influencing the person's life negatively. 

Numerology in Tarot Readings

Numerology uses numbers from 1 to 9. Tarot cards are also numbered from 1 to 9. Combining the two can give you greater insight, clarification, and guidance during a reading. Psychics use numerology to interpret a single card or an entire reading. They can also pick up on certain themes by noticing how many times a specific number comes up in a reading. Psychics also use the numbers in love tarot readings. For instance, drawing the Two of Swords reversed can indicate an emotional obstacle or trust issues in the relationship. 

Predicting the Year Ahead

Astrology is not the only predictor of what lies ahead. Numerology can also determine how a year will progress. Once again, this is based on nine numbers. In numerology, there are nine cycles or personal years we rotate through. Each year brings different areas of your life into focus. Being in year one symbolizes new beginnings, opportunities, or adventures you'll embark on. Year two slows down the pace with more introspection and self-care to replenish energy. 

It can take years to fully learn and understand all aspects of numerology. Taking the time to gain this knowledge is invaluable in the work of a psychic. Psychics who have this training can more easily read their clients and offer a deeper and more helpful reading.


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