Psychic Tools & How-Tos: Angel and Tarot Cards

Date 9/21/2017

Tarot readings offer surprising insights

Tarot readings offer surprising insights

To improve their readings and enhance their abilities, psychic advisors may use a handful of tools. Many rely on tarot or angel cards to gain additional insight. Discover what kind of information tarot and angel cards can unlock and find out how psychic advisors use these cards during readings.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Tarot cards are easy to recognize as symbols of psychic readings, but few people understand what these decks truly represent. Tarot decks date back to the 15th century, and since the 17th century, psychic advisors have turned to these easily identifiable cards for insight. Though the cards don’t hold psychic powers on their own, they do help advisors organize and interpret information that they uncover during psychic readings. Ultimately, the advisor’s psychic powers and spiritual sense allow him or her to read the cards accurately.

A complete tarot deck is actually a combination of two separate decks, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The first explores spiritual growth and is best used to answer questions relating to spirituality and higher powers. The second deck is much more complex and is ideal for answering questions relating to relationships, communication, finances, and challenges. To interpret the cards, an advisor must have a thorough understanding of numerology, alchemy, and astrology as well as a deep connection with the person in question.

During a tarot reading, a psychic advisor draws cards from the deck and arranges them in a specific configuration. The position and orientation of each card can reveal troves of information about the person’s past, present, and future. The most experienced advisors often offer multiple tarot spreads to provide additional insight and clarity. One of the most compelling aspects of a tarot reading is that it can also suggest actions and resolutions in response to questions.

How Do Angel Cards Work?

Angel cards may not be quite as well known, but they can be just as powerful as tarot cards. A deck of angel cards allows a psychic advisor to connect with the energy of these divine beings. By tapping into this compassionate, divine energy, advisors can intuit spiritual guidance and insight into human trials and tribulations.

While tarot cards feature identical symbols and numbers from deck to deck, angel cards come in many variations. Advisors may use a number of different decks of angel cards, but most offer angel readings online based on a deck that offers the most insight or the greatest opportunity for spiritual connections.

During an angel card reading, an advisor will draw anywhere from one to six cards in order to answer all questions at hand. The advisor then accesses divine energy to interpret the cards as they apply to the situation. Together, the cards offer insight into partnership, nourishment, renewal, reflection, alignment, and integration as they provide spiritual guidance.

Are you interested in finding out what an angel or tarot card reading can reveal about your life or your spiritual path? Connect with an authentic psychic to learn more about these readings.


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