Psychic Source Mediums Share Real Stories From The Other Side

Date 10/27/2021
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Psychic Source Mediums Share Their True Stories

We asked some of our Psychic Source advisors to share their true stores of being a medium. Discover why they believe our guides are always with us with these authentic tales of spirit.

Psychic Ricky x8106

"I rarely "hear" a guide or spirit, so this incident really surprised me..."

Ricky x8106

Several years ago, I dropped our third-grader off to school and while waiting my turn to get out of the long line of buses and other parents, I watched as a young child made his way down the sidewalk. 

He was dressed as well as any Ralph Lauren Kids advertisement. His designer backpack all but dragging the sidewalk, his head hung down, sad and weary, like a pouting puppy.  My heart went out to him, remembering my own childhood and school years. 

I smiled, thinking out loud, "I am so glad I am past THAT experience.” I heard a very clear voice laugh and say, "Ricky, that is exactly what we think when we watch YOU in this life." 

I rarely "hear" a guide or spirit, so this incident really surprised me. I had a perfect understanding as to what my guide meant.  Some of our guides, such as ancestral, and others within our soul group have been through every ordeal and life experience in their incarnations in this world.  They UNDERSTAND because they have lived it, many times, such as us.  They can give us a glimpse of the Full Circle with a depth of understanding, empathy, and clearly convey messages to us when we are least expecting it. 

My mother used to say, "Earth is school. Heaven is home."  It is a good thing to be reminded that our celestial tutors are watching over us, sometimes with amusement and irony, but always with unconditional love.

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Psychic Kallie x3478

"Delivering the advice of the guides and seeing that advice transform lives is a gift."

Kallie x3478

Working with the spirits and souls that surround all of us is such a blessing!  Delivering the advice of the guides and seeing that advice transform lives is a gift.  But the best gift of all is that I get to share in their wisdom.  Recently I worked with a woman who had lost a child at birth.  She was so sad and distressed!  The little one came through and said, “Mommy, do not cry, in heaven there is only love”!  It touched my heart!

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Psychic Maryjane x3638

"Therein lies the magic and mystery of what us mediums do..."

Maryjane x3638

As a medium I have many stories that touch my heart. One in particular was a man who had just lost his father. He was crying and very emotional, he said nothing but "My father just died, do you see anything from him?"  I suddenly saw a poster over a bed.  I said "Eddie Giacomin Number One! NY Rangers! Ed-die! Ed-die! Goalie stick, goalie pads.... hockey!" 

He burst into laughter… “YES! YES!  I am a goaltender for a national hockey team!”

I asked "Do you know who Eddie Giacomin is, the famous night where the Rangers were chanting....  Ed-die! Ed-die?" 

He replied “Know him? Eddie Giacomin was my father's hero!  I must have watched that famous clip with my father a hundred times! My childhood bedroom was packed with his posters!”

We were both laughing and full of joy, those ten minutes were just what that client needed! He was filled with a peace that his father was saying I am here!  

PS.  I am not a hockey fan but the image I saw was my brother's poster and my father and brothers screaming and chanting that night in 1975.  How did that gentleman call me? Me with this specific memory, this specific hockey player, which was EXACTLY aligned with his father and him?  That therein lies the magic and mystery of what us mediums do, and I am forever in a state of awe!

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Psychic Nina x3558

"When a message comes through, I have been elected by the Spiritual World to deliver it."

Nina x3558

Let me tell you of a message that could not be ignored that occurred in my life. I had just started a new job and did not know any of my colleagues or managers very well. Not long after working there my manager’s deceased father came to me and would not leave me alone. He even came home with me. He followed me around at work. To say I had my very owner “Spirit Stalker" is an understatement. My manager was a very private person so I did not want to speak out of turn, but it came to a point that I could no longer ignore my “stalker”. So, I pulled up my big girl pants and gathered the courage to speak privately with my manager in her office. She welcomed me in, as she was always willing to help. I shut the door and sat down; she could never have guessed in a million years what I was about to say.

I began by explaining my gifts; to which she responded with a look of complete bewilderment. Yet she remained silent and allowed me to continue. I then told her that her father was in the room and that he had a message for her. Her jaw hit the floor. As I described him, she knew immediately this was her loving, but stubborn father who had just recently passed. She started to cry tears of happiness, which I was definitely not prepared for. We continued to talk, and I told her that he wanted her to know that he was very proud how she was taking care of her mother who has Alzheimer’s. He wanted her to know that she needs to not push herself too far and she needs to take the time to slow down and take care of herself as well as she does others.

By this point she was in tears and sobbing. She had thought that her father had totally forgotten about her because all her siblings have had dreams or had seen signs from him, yet she had received nothing. She was feeling like he had forgotten her and that she had let him down. Her father popped back into the conversation to let her know that she deserved a much more special connection with him and therefore he had selected to come through me. I saw her Aura shift and the energy around her immediately lifted. She could not wait to get on the phone to her husband to tell him that she finally got her connection with her father. I left her office feeling very happy that I had taken the plunge to speak to her about her father. We never spoke of it again and her father moved on. To date, he has been my only “stalker” as I no longer procrastinate about passing along such messages. This experience really clarified something for me: when a message comes through, I have been elected by the Spiritual World to deliver it.

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Psychic Bridgette x8133

"I call my spiritual guides my Light Surfers."

Bridgette x8133

So many people I talk to are surprised that they have spiritual guides circling them, just waiting to be acknowledged and to be called on for their Divine intervention.  I call my spiritual guides my “Light Surfers.”  For example, when someone calls for advice, I envision my “light surfers” dipping into the Pool of Universal Knowledge and retrieving the answers that will help the caller. 

The Master Key for connecting with these Spiritual Beings who reside in our highest vibrational field is to adopt a childlike belief and trust that they are our True Soul Partners.  And by adopting this belief you will see and feel that your “True Soul Partners” will always protect, love and guide you through any and all adversities.  And here’s the best part – if you ask them for a physical sign – they will send one!

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Psychic Bella Skye x8262

"I have had two near death experiences, and felt no pain..."

Bella Skye x8262

Being a medium is not about conjuring or asking for a deceased family member or friend to come through. It will happen on its own, through the divine. Spirit guides and angels do assist with the past loved ones that may come through with messages to give to their family and friends.  One message that often presents itself, there was no pain, I felt no pain in my body, I did not suffer.  I understand this to be true.  I have had two near death experiences, and felt no pain, the soul starts its journey when the body start to lose its life.

When I get calls asking if I can connect with a loved one, that has passed away, either he or she will make their entrance immediately or there is no connection, and no one comes through. Many times, I have received calls and before the client even speaks, the loved one has initiated contact.  It is effortless and a given.  The deceased will show me images, as if a photo has been taken in my mind’s eye, memories of family, places they loved, and they may also offer advice on personal issues or unresolved conflicts of interest between family members. 

It can be a very emotional. 

It can also help with forgiveness and unanswered questions, guilt for not being there and the results can be so profound leaving my client with a sense of calm and deep relief, finally able to move on knowing that their loved one is at peace.

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