Providing support to a single friend on Valentine's Day

Published Date 2/13/2013
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Providing support to a single friend on Valentine's Day

While you might be happily married, not everyone in your life has a soul mate that they can spend Valentine's Day with, which is something you'll want to keep in mind. A friendly "Happy Valentine's Day" email can turn out to be a nightmare if you aren't careful. That being said, one way you can support your single friends on this day is by giving them a gift, according to Allure magazine.

One idea you might want to consider is something that pampers him or her such as a discount to the spa. A manicure or pedicure coupon is also a great idea for a single friend who may be spending Valentine's Day solo.

If your friend is lighthearted, think about getting him or her a gag gift or something to evoke laughter. This may be a funny card or a quirky gift that you find on a whim. In the end, he or she will appreciate the gesture and the fact that you have him or her in mind.

To really do your friend some good, think about encouraging him or her to call a love psychic this Valentine's Day. A phone psychic reading may let him or her know when true romance is just around the corner, which can be a big boost to your friend's spirit.


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